Unlocking Success in FIFA 24 Career Mode: A Comprehensive Guide


  • Choose your club wisely, whether it’s rebuilding underdogs or leading superstar squads.
  • Define your team’s playing style with Tactical Visions for success on the virtual pitch.
  • Focus on scouting, player development, and strategic squad building to dominate FIFA 24 Career Mode.

In the ever-evolving FIFA 24 Career Mode landscape, selecting the perfect club to manage can be daunting. With hundreds of options available, decision paralysis is a real concern. However, fear not, as GameRevolution is here to offer five promising career paths to kickstart your managerial journey. 

Whether you prefer the challenge of rebuilding underdogs or assembling a team of superstars, there’s something for everyone. From revitalizing former giants like Parma in Serie B to navigating the meteoric rise of Leipzig in the Bundesliga, the choices are aplenty.

Mastering tactical visions

A new addition to FIFA 24 Career Mode is the introduction of Tactical Visions, which allows managers to define their team’s playing style from the get-go. With seven templates emphasizing specific tactical approaches, managers must carefully select the vision that aligns with their strategic preferences. 

Whether dominating possession with Tiki Taka or adopting a defensive mindset with Park the Bus, Tactical Visions are the blueprint for success on the virtual pitch.

Strategic squad building

Effective squad building is essential for sustained success in FIFA 24 Career Mode. From scouting wonderkids to negotiating transfers, managers must navigate the intricacies of the transfer market to bolster their team’s ranks. 

Managers can use the Global Transfer Network to identify players that align with their Tactical Vision and PlayStyle, ensuring a seamless integration into the squad. Investing in youth scouting can unearth hidden gems for the academy, laying the foundation for long-term success.

Optimizing player development

Maximizing player development is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge throughout the season. By hiring coaches who align with the team’s Tactical Vision and focusing on specific areas of improvement, managers can accelerate player growth and enhance squad performance. 

Additionally, implementing tailored training plans to balance fitness and sharpness ensures peak physical condition on match day. With meticulous attention to detail, managers can mold their squad into a formidable force on the virtual pitch.

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