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  • Delft University offers free online AI courses, providing access to top-tier AI education globally.
  • Courses range from introductory to advanced, covering topics like machine learning, data engineering, and quantum computing.
  • While free, learners can opt for a verified certificate for a small fee, adding value to their CV.

Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands’ oldest and largest technological university, has made a significant stride in online education. The institution, which holds a global standing akin to Harvard and MIT, has launched various online courses on the edX platform. Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands provides a diverse selection of artificial intelligence (AI) courses available online for free. From introductory to advanced, these courses enable anyone to access top-notch AI education from one of the world’s leading technical universities.

For beginners, the course “AI Skills for Engineers: Introduction to Unsupervised, Deep, and Reinforcement Learning” overviews fundamental AI techniques. Through video lectures and hands-on Python exercises, it covers unsupervised learning for finding patterns in data, deep learning using neural networks, and reinforcement learning for optimizing decisions. This primer builds core knowledge to apply AI.

AI in practice

This course offers a practical approach to AI, teaching students how to apply AI in various real-world contexts. It covers the basics of AI, including machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics, providing a comprehensive understanding of AI’s practical applications.

AI Skills for Engineers for Data Engineering and Data Pipelines

Data engineering is a crucial aspect of AI. This course introduces students to data engineering and data pipelines, which are vital for processing and analyzing large volumes of data. It covers data collection, storage, and processing, offering a complete overview of data’s role in AI.

AI Skills for engineers: Supervised machine learning

Supervised machine learning is a type of AI where a model learns to make predictions based on labelled input data. This course provides an in-depth understanding of supervised machine learning, covering topics like linear regression, logistic regression, and decision trees. By the end of the course, students will be able to develop and implement supervised machine-learning models.

AI Skills to introduce unsupervised, deep, and reinforcement learning

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to three advanced AI techniques: unsupervised learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning. Unsupervised learning involves training AI models on unlabeled data, deep learning involves training neural networks on large amounts of data, and reinforcement learning involves training AI models to make a sequence of decisions. The course provides a solid foundation in these advanced AI techniques, preparing students for further study or application in the field.

The Hardware of a quantum computer

Quantum computing is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to transform AI. This course provides an introduction to the hardware of a quantum computer, covering topics such as qubits, quantum gates, and quantum circuits. By the end of the course, students will have a basic understanding of how a quantum computer works and how it can be used in AI.

The quantum internet and quantum computers and how will they change the world?

This course explores the potential impact of quantum internet and quantum computers on the world, focusing on their implications for AI. The course covers quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, and quantum algorithms, providing a glimpse into the future of AI and quantum technology.

Verified certificates for a small fee

While all courses are free, learners can obtain a verified certificate of completion for a small fee. This could be a valuable addition to your CV, but there’s no obligation to pay. Cutting-edge courses like “The Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers” reveal AI’s future frontiers.Delft University provides equal access to top-tier AI education by removing financial barriers. Anyone worldwide can gain skills needed to advance AI application and development from leading experts. These courses enable students to enrich careers, spark ideas, or learn about AI out of curiosity. The free courses make AI literacy inclusive on a global scale.

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