The Benefits and Drawbacks of Yield Farming

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Due to its ability to conduct trades and money transfers devoid of middlemen, Bitcoin might be regarded as the first use of DeFi. Thus, it may be said that the first DeFi wave was started by Bitcoin and a few similar cryptocurrencies. The Ethereum blockchain, however, was the driving force behind the second wave as it gave the technology another level of programmability. Despite its fluctuations and high gas costs, Ethereum continues to be the platform of choice for the bulk of digital currencies and blockchain-based projects because it offers the openness, infrastructure, and liquidity needed to create decentralized applications (dApps) and carry out asset exchanges. Bitsoft 360 AI platform is a great option if you’re a beginner seeking for the best crypto platform.

Understanding Yield Farming

A technique for producing rewards from cryptocurrency assets is known as yield farming, sometimes known as liquidity mining. It means that you may receive interest and staking payments for storing crypto assets. In some ways, the method of yield farming is similar to staking, but with a few added complications. The majority of the time, yield farming calls for users often referred to as liquidity providers (LPs) to add money to the liquidity pool of a protocol. In essence, liquidity pools are smart contracts that safeguard and keep user cash while compensating users for initially supplying liquidity. 

These awards might be derived from the underlying DeFi protocol’s fees or from additional sources. The most popular ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens for yield farming are used on Ethereum and BSC, respectively. As a result, incentives are often in one of these two formats. But as yielding protocols advance and begin effectively implementing cross-chain bridges, this could possibly alter shortly.

The Benefits Are:

DApp Access: Currently, several software focused on yield farming are available, and they allow farmers to easily track their investments and percentage yields from a single, straightforward interface.

  • Implementation Is Simple and Quick: Only two things are necessary to become a yield farmer: a crypto wallet and Ethereum, or BNB in some situations. Because yield farming has a low entrance barrier, it has attracted a lot of attention from cryptocurrency investors seeking greater returns on their investments.
  • Extremely Huge Annual Percentage Yield: While staking systems often provide stablecoins like USDT, USDC, or DAI an APY of 8–10%, yield farming may offer up to 100% APY.

The Drawbacks Include:

  • Short-Term Rewards: Although yield farming is undeniably expanding quickly in a competitive market, it is still very unstable, raising the possibility of uneven profits. Furthermore, because it is so simple to get started, lucrative tactics are hard to identify.
  • High Ethereum Gas Fees: The cost of each transaction made on the ETH blockchain is known as gas or transaction fees. One of the drawbacks of yield farming is that gas prices have recently been on a sharp upward trend. Farmers should be careful to avoid paying gas prices that are too expensive compared to the projected return.

Advantages For People with More Capital: Anyone may engage in yield farming on DeFi, although individuals with large initial investments will benefit from far bigger benefits. This is mostly since the more cryptocurrency you hold, the more you may deposit into high-APY schemes, which inevitably leads to a larger ROI.

Risks of Impermanent Loss: This is a reference to a brief loss experienced by a liquidity provider (LP) as a result of a trading pair’s volatility. One of the main challenges for AMM protocols is impermanent loss, which happens whenever the price of tokens within an AMM diverges too fast in any direction and creates a token imbalance.


One of the most recent innovations emerging from DeFi technology is yield farming, which is gradually positioning itself as a major powerhouse in the industry. Consequently, some of its benefits and drawbacks are addressed, which one should constantly remember.

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