Stellar Price Prediction 2023-2032: How High can XLM Go?

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Stellar Price Predictions 2023-2032

Stellar showed the world how blockchain could be an effective tool to save and sustain human life. Are we on the road to massive adoption?

Get a load of the following developments in the crypto space:

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies around. Many technological developments have been on the Stellar Lumens platform. One thing that draws believers to the coin is that it’s so cheap to send because that is the objective of XLM. Instant international transfer to challenge modernized banking systems should be the primary function of cryptocurrencies for massive adoption. Let’s see how this Stellar Price Prediction can guide us through this crypto winter.

Can we rely on Stellar price predictions despite the market’s volatility? Let’s not take a shortcut but take the long path in assessing a coin’s value for inclusion in your crypto portfolio. How about a long-term outlook for supporting praiseworthy crypto projects?

US Congress leans towards sustaining crypto innovation through compliance and open dialogues between government agencies and founders. That’s good news for the industry.

Can Stellar XLM reach $100? That is highly unlikely as it would mean a price increase of 1500x over the current levels. Stellar Lumens has more chances of reaching $5. However, the token supply is a limiting factor. Having a 23 billion circulating supply means a $100 billion valuation at $5 per coin. Speculations are constant fodder for those who pin their hopes on being in a position for price surges.

How much is Stellar (XLM) worth?

Today’s Stellar price is $0.090830 with a 24-hour trading volume of $73,303,955. Stellar is down 1.49% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #30, with a live market cap of $2,394,434,263. It has a circulating supply of 26,361,601,445 XLM coins and a max. supply of 50,001,806,812 XLM coins.

Let`s take a closer look at Stellar price history, technical analysis, and Stellar price prediction for the upcoming years.

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What is Stellar Lumens (XLM)?

Stellar blockchain technology was launched in 2014, making it one of the oldest cryptocurrencies that still has survived among the top 100 most significant coins: Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of Ripple and founder of MT. Gox and a lawyer, Joyce Kim, created this project as an alternative to Ripple.

With support from Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, the stellar network was launched with 100 billion stellar coins issued initially, after seed funding of $3 million was offered in return for 2 percent of the total XLM token supply from the blockchain startup.

Almost a year later, in January 2015, stellar cryptocurrency already had more than 3 million users, with a market cap of just below $15 million. The Stellar Lumens price analysis reveals that the market’s volatility is increasing. This signifies that the XLM/USD values subject to change will fluctuate in the direction the volatility moves; more volatility means the XLM price is more prone to undergo variable change.

The digital currency utilizes Stellar consensus protocol, their customized version of blockchain. To run the XLM cryptocurrency network, a total of 66 validator nodes operate across the globe, with three nodes run by the Stellar Development Foundation itself. This means less decentralization while gaining increased speed and reduced fees for cross-border payments.

Founder and CEO Denelle Dixon described this as a significant step forward for Stellar since it successfully connects the blockchain and the real world. This represents a monumental development for the Stellar network and the wallets that are part of the Stellar network; Stellar has since announced a U.S. pilot program to test this feature.

Although much has been made about bitcoin acceptance in the real world, this relationship, if further developed, represents a significant step forward in this regard.

  • Stellar Network Enables MoneyGram’s bankless payment method

The Stellar network’s connection with MoneyGram International, the world’s largest money transfer company, is becoming stronger by the day. The firm has disclosed a live cash-in and cash-out pilot in the United States in an official blog post.

A New Europe-Africa Payment Corridor Will Be Created With Stellar’s New Partner MoneyGram has formed a partnership with the Stellar Development Foundation after dissolving its engagement with Ripple after the SEC lawsuit against its leaders. Since January, the company’s business partners have taken significant measures to enhance the company’s ability to process payments.

New MoneyGram initiatives have enabled them to implement “one of the fastest, most frictionless. transactions” possible, according to the company.

  • Cash-In Cash-Out pilot program by Stellar and MoneyGram

This is the first step in MoneyGram’s relationship with Stellar: a live cash-in and cash-out pilot in the US. Money may be deposited into digital wallets at any MoneyGram facility participating in the test experiment.

Source: Twitter

Therefore, various payment processors frequently use the Stellar platform worldwide, naturally leading the Stellar lumens price to increase over time. You can buy Stellar Lumens at any exchange.

New Developments in Stella Lumens Ecosystem

Stellar Lumen XLM recently underwent a new development by partnering with Fonbnk. However, Fonbnk provides an onramp for mobile-first, cash-based economies using prepaid airtime and USDC on Stellar Lumens.

The partnership with Stellar XLM will enable friction-free cross-border payments for the unbanked.

Furthermore, another new development to Stella Lumens XLM Coin is the recent partnership with Bitwage, which will help integrate USDT on the Stellar platform. Bitwage is a platform that helps users or remote workers to get paid in Bitcoin.

Stellar Overview

Stellar Overview

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Stellar (XLM) Price History

Stellar XLM market price has seen a substantial increase over the past years. Stellar spent most of 2018 and 2019 retracing from the previous all-time high of around $0.50. 

Technical analysis gauges provide real-time ratings for specified periods. The summary for XLM/USD is based on the most prominent technical indicators — Moving Averages, Oscillators, and Pivots. The results are given in the image below.

XLM Technical analysis

Source: TradingView

At the beginning of 2020, the market eventually bottomed out around the $0.03 mark, as seen on the price chart.

During 2020, Stellar price established a significant swing higher high at $0.12 and a higher low at $0.07. In November, Stellar lumens price started rapidly pushing higher until the $0.23 mark was reached. This spike pushed stellar forecast price for next year much higher as the market had finally shown signs of solid recovery.

Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction: Perk coming soon? 3XLM performance coinmarketcap

Over the following weeks, the XLM coin price action retraced to retest the $0.12 previous resistance as support.

From there, the cryptocurrency market rallied over the following weeks until a new all-time high of just above $.60 was set, reaching a market capitalization of almost $15 billion.

During February and March, the Stellar price saw another retracement together with the Bitcoin price, which also saw a new all-time high set at the time.

Support was eventually found around the $0.35-$375 area, where the market consolidated for some time.

At the end of March, the overall bullish trend resumed, and we saw the crypto market price almost retest the $0.60 all-time high. XLM is facing bearish momentum, as is the entire market environment. The support levels have been broken, and every altcoin is falling out of its bull run.

How to buy Stellar (XLM)

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies can be purchased with U.S. dollars using Coinbase or BlockFi. Once you have purchased Bitcoin using Coinbase, you can then transfer your Bitcoin to an exchange such as Binance to purchase other cryptocurrencies, including Stellar.

The native Stellar exchange, Lobstr, allows you to buy XLM directly on the network. See this longer list of XLM-supporting exchanges for more options.

Note that digital currencies can be volatile, and buying them can be risky. While lumens will always have utility in the Stellar network, the price of lumens denominated in fiat currency may change, and you could lose significant value.

For storing XLM and for easy access to network features like payments and peer-to-peer sends, Stellar recommends hardware or digital wallet from this wallets list.

New Developments in Stellar Lumens Ecosystem

Stellar XLM recently partnered with Coinqvest, an all-in-all enterprise payment platform, to offer a programmable cross-blockchain settlement for merchants. Conqvest was built on the Stellar XLM blockchain network.

Two companies, Wyre and Rehive, built on the Stellar ecosystem, integrated to bring customers the ability to develop and scale a fintech app in a few days. Stellar announced this: 

Stellar Lumen XLM recently underwent a new development by partnering with Fonbnk. However, Fonbnk provides an onramp for mobile-first, cash-based economies using prepaid airtime and USDC on Stellar Lumens.

The partnership with Stellar XLM will enable friction-free cross-border payments for the unbanked.

Furthermore, another new development to Stella Lumens XLM Coin is the recent partnership with Bitwage, which will help to integrate the use of USDT on the Stellar platform. Bitwage is a platform that helps users or remote workers to get paid in Bitcoin.

Stellar Technical Analysis

For the cryptocurrency to exit this channel range, it is anticipated to cross its horizontal support or resistance level. If XLM successfully breaks over the lower channel barrier, its price will most likely rise shortly and move toward the $0.0902 level. Nevertheless, if Stellar can overcome its upper channel resistance, it is most likely to set a new high around the $0.0962 level before descending toward the lower range support.

The Stellar price analysis is pessimistic today. The bears successfully constructed a modest upward trend line in the price function over the previous 24 hours. The price did dip to a low of $0.08239 earlier today due to the strong downtrend line, but the bulls were able to drive it back up to $0.08561 rapidly, and it is currently trading at roughly $0.0847.

Stellar Price Prediction by Cryptopolitan

Cryptopolitan Stellar Price Predictions provide a thorough analysis of the potential worth of the cryptocurrency (XLM). Our knowledgeable experts meticulously examine the situations and factors influencing Stellar price using their in-depth knowledge of the market.

Stellar Price Prediction 2023

Our Stellar price prediction for 2023 expects the maximum XLM price to hit $0.14. The average price is estimated at $0.12, with a minimum price of $0.12. 

Stellar Price Prediction 2024

Our Stellar price prediction for 2024, we expect further price growth for the digital coin attaining a maximum of $0.2. Throughout the year, XLM is assumed to maintain an average price of $0.17 and a minimum price of $0.17.

Stellar Price Prediction 2025

Our Stellar price prediction for 2025 shows that Stellar could have a bull run, and the price could undoubtedly rise and attain a maximum value of $0.29. Although the price is seen to rise from the previous year, the coin will have to experience a minimum price of $0.23 and an average trading price of $0.24.

Stellar Price Prediction 2026

Our Stellar Price prediction for 2026 shows that the XLM token prices will increase from their current price. We expect to see the coin reach a minimum price of $0.32 with an average price of $0.34 and hit a high of $0.4.

Stellar Price Prediction 2027

Our Stellar price prediction for 2027 is anticipated to skyrocket, reaching a maximum of $0.56. A minimum price of $0.47 is also probable, and the prices could retrace soon to reach an average price of $0.48.

Stellar Price Prediction 2028

Our Stellar price prediction for 2028 expects XLM to reach a minimum price of $0.70, an average of $0.72, and it is expected by the end of the year to have reached a maximum price of $0.82.

Stellar Price Prediction 2029

Our Stellar price forecast for 2029 shows that the token is expected to reach a maximum price of $1.22 at that time. Our projections state that the price of XLM will fluctuate between a low of $1.01 and an average of $1.04 for the entire year.

Stellar Price Prediction 2030

Our Stellar price forecast for 2030 indicates that the price of Stellar will reach a maximum of $1.73. Additionally, a minimum price of $1.44 is likely, and prices may shortly retrace to reach an average price of $1.48.

Stellar Price Prediction 2031

Our Stellar price prediction for 2031 will reach a maximum price of $2.53. The digital coin is anticipated to maintain its bullish trend from the prior year while maintaining a minimum and average price of $2.14 and $2.20, respectively.

Stellar Price Prediction 2032

Our Stellar Price prediction for 2032 is expected to reach its minimum price of $3.05 in 2032. We predict there will be a major bull run with a maximum price of $3.75 and an average price of about $3.16.

Stellar Price Prediction by Coincodex

The value of Stellar is anticipated to decline by -4.77% and reach $ 0.081176 by February 18, 2023, according to Coincodex’s most recent price estimate. The present sentiment is bearish, as shown by our technical indicators, and the Fear & Greed Index is 48. (Neutral). Stellar experienced 3.26% price volatility during the previous 30 days and 18/30 (60%) green days. It’s not a good time to buy Stellar right now, according to Coincodex Stellar forecast.

According to Coincodex, one method of forecasting the Stellar price over the long run is to compare it to other significant technical advancements and trends. The price of Stellar is depicted in the table above as it would be at the end of 2024, 2025, and 2026 if its growth trajectory had been the same as that of the internet or of major tech firms like Google and Facebook during their growth phases.

The best-case scenario for the price of XLM in 2026 is $ 2.82 if it grows at the same rate as Facebook. The predicted price for Stellar in 2026, if it grew at the same rate as the Internet, would be $ 0.323865.

Stellar Price Prediction by

Since Stellar is exchanged according to supply and demand, its value varies greatly. At the end of 2023, the price of XLM is anticipated to hit a high of $0.14. In five years, the price of one Stellar XLM will range between $0.56 and $0.47, according to forecast. also states that Stellar has a remarkable potential to soar to new heights in terms of pricing. The value of XLM is anticipated to rise, reaching a peak price of $3.75 by the year 2030.

Stellar Price Prediction by Industry Influencers

Mr. Legend Crypto a youtube crypto analyst, says that Stellar will still grow despite the bear market and will hit new highs by the end of the year. He says 2023 will be a great year of accumulation as we await the next bull run. XLM is predicted to hit $0.13 by the end of 2023. 

According to industry experts and analysts, investors might consider XLM as it will offer passive investment returns as of 2023. The price history and Stellar lumens price forecasts show that XLM’s price may emerge as a dark horse in the race. Since the price of Stellar Lumens has increased significantly over the past year, there is also conjecture that it will reach a high of $3.0 in the near future.

Prominent crypto analyst Ayman Mufleh predicted that XLM could go 100x in the future, bringing a wave in your crypto investment portfolio. 


Stellar blockchain is supported by an experienced non-profit organization, The Stellar Development Foundation, which aims to drive the leading role and build dominance in the cryptocurrency market. XLM seeks to revolutionize the landscape of the financial infrastructure by offering innovative technologies to the crypto community.

However, the future potential of Stellar blockchain entirely depends on the market’s favorability and positive sentiments. Any negative news can bring XLM down to the bottom of the price graph. Following ongoing developments and its fundamentals, our XLM coin price forecast expects that XLM will soon recover from its bearish trend and prove to investors its true strength.

Looking at the past performance, XLM has a bright future if it acquires impactful partnerships soon. It is advised to investors to do their own research and conduct experts’ opinions and investment advice before investing in the high volatility of the crypto market, or your investment can become a risky investment.

Can Stellar (XLM) reach $10 soon?

Stellar XLM could reach $1 soon, but it would be difficult for the coin to reach the $10 mark in the future. But that doesn't mean that the coin doesn't have potential; anything can happen in the crypto world.

What will Stellar's price be in 2031?

2032 is expected to be a good year for Stellar XLM. We predict the coin will reach a maximum price of $3.75, with an average price of $3.16.

Is Stellar Lumens worth buying?

Stellar Lumens is ranked in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and is favored by most crypto enthusiasts. The cryptocurrency holds a strong future, and thus it can be said that it's worth buying.

Where can I get my Stellar wallet?

Stellar produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store Stellar on your computer. For maximum security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated hardware wallet such as a TREZOR wallet or a Ledger Nano X. If you do not wish to buy a hardware wallet, you may consider using a mobile wallet such as Atomic Wallet, Jaxx, or Coinomi to store multiple cryptocurrencies with some added security benefits.

Can XLM reach $100?

That is highly unlikely as it would mean a price increase of 1500x over the current levels.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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