Stash House Map in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Update Gains “Instant Classic” Status


  • Stash House, a new map in Modern Warfare 3’s Season 2 update, is causing a stir among players.
  • Some love its fast-paced action and strategic spots, while others despise its spawn system.
  • Sledgehammer Games might tweak the map based on player feedback, promising a more balanced experience.

The recent release of Season 2 by Sledgehammer Games for Modern Warfare 3 brought a trio of fresh battlegrounds alongside a diverse battle pass featuring iconic characters like The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes and the influential RAM-9 SMG. Among these additions, one map has emerged as a focal point of player discussion, earning the title of an “instant classic.”

Breaking bad-themed Easter egg enhances gameplay

Stash House, one of the three new maps introduced in the Season 2 update, has captured players’ attention with its dynamic gameplay and nods to the popular TV series Breaking Bad. Incorporating a Breaking Bad-themed Easter Egg, the map has intrigued players who enjoy uncovering such hidden gems while navigating its chaotic action and fast pace.

Mixed reception sparks debate among player community

Since its introduction, Stash House has polarized the player base. While some enthusiasts have lauded it as a refreshing addition, comparing its intensity to fan-favorite small maps like Shipment and Rust, others have expressed discontent, citing spawn-related frustrations that rival or surpass those experienced in Shipment.

Among the vocal supporters of Stash House are players who appreciate its compact layout and the multitude of strategic vantage points. Many commend the map’s frenetic pace and the opportunity for quick kills and progression through weapon camouflage challenges. 

However, dissenting voices lament the map’s spawn system, asserting that spawn deaths on Stash House are more aggravating than those encountered on Shipment.

Potential for future improvements acknowledged

Despite criticisms, the prevailing sentiment suggests that Stash House has solidified its status as a popular multiplayer map. Sledgehammer Games, known for its responsiveness to player feedback, has the opportunity to refine the map’s spawn logic to enhance its flow further. 

With the door left open for potential adjustments, players remain hopeful for an improved gameplay experience in future updates.

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