Starfield Faces Criticism Over Lack of Unique Loot: Fans Urge Bethesda for Changes


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  • Starfield, Bethesda’s 2023 hit, faces player backlash over lack of unique loot, disappointing fans.
  • Reddit users express nostalgia for distinct weapons, comparing Starfield unfavorably to Fallout 4.
  • Bethesda has yet to address loot concerns; fans hope for improvements in the upcoming Shattered Space DLC.

Starfield, the highly anticipated game released by Bethesda in 2023, has faced both success and criticism from players. While the game quickly became one of Bethesda’s most successful titles, ongoing player dissatisfaction with the loot system has prompted a wave of feedback and discussions within the gaming community.

Players, expressing their dissatisfaction on platforms like Reddit, have highlighted the absence of truly unique weapons and armor in Starfield. Comparisons with earlier Bethesda titles, particularly Fallout 4, have emerged, with users noting a perceived shift towards a “looter shooter style of RNG loot” in Starfield. The absence of unique models for weapons and gear has been a focal point for criticism, with players describing the in-game rewards as “poor.”

Player perspectives: Nostalgia for unique weapons

Several players reminisce about the joy of collecting unique weapons in previous Bethesda games, such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls. The sentiment is echoed by the community, expressing disappointment that the distinctive, named weapons that enriched their experiences in earlier titles are notably absent in Starfield. Players convey their preference for the rewarding nature of unique loot, emphasizing its absence as a significant drawback in their Starfield experience.

Bethesda’s response and future expectations

Despite the vocal discontent from players, Bethesda has yet to explicitly address the specific issue of loot in Starfield. The developers have, however, maintained an active engagement with the community, pledging to consider player feedback in subsequent patches. As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming Shattered Space DLC, hopes are high for Bethesda to address the concerns raised by players regarding the lack of unique loot.

In the absence of an official response from Bethesda regarding the loot issue, players are left speculating about potential improvements. The upcoming DLC, Shattered Space, is viewed by many as a potential opportunity for the developers to implement changes that could enhance the overall player experience.

As discussions regarding Starfield’s loot system continue, the gaming community remains watchful for any updates or announcements from Bethesda. The success of Starfield, despite its shortcomings, underscores the dedication and passion of its player base. Whether Bethesda will heed the calls for a revamp of the loot system in future updates remains to be seen.

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