Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will Allow Players to Ride Coney Island Attractions

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  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will feature an expanded map with interactive Coney Island attractions.
  • Venom and Kraven the Hunter are confirmed villains, with a revamped version of the Lizard.
  • Fans will get to experience the black-suit Spidey in all his glory.
  • Early reviews hint that it might be one of the best Spider-Man games ever.

Get ready, Spider-Man fans! We have less than a month to go before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 releases on PlayStation 5. And this time, the game includes a cool and surprising feature: the ability to ride the famous Coney Island attractions!

As the release date gets closer, excitement for this game is growing among the fans. Many gamers remember the 2018 Spider-Man game by Insomniac as one of the best super-hero games ever. And after the “Miles Morales” sequel, fans are more eager than ever to see characters like Kraven, Venom and the classic black suit Spidey in this new installment.

The City Map is becoming more interactive

Now, here’s the twist! The sequel isn’t just about a bigger map – it’s about diving deeper into the Spider-verse. While the announcement of Coney Island’s inclusion had fans visualizing swinging past the attractions, the reality is even more thrilling. Insomniac’s Project Director, Jeannette Lee, spilled the beans in a recent interviews, revealing that players won’t just be passive observers. Instead, they can actively ride the attractions!

While it’s still under wraps whether you’ll be hopping on those attractions as Peter Parker or our masked hero, one thing’s for sure – there’s more to this game than just web-slinging and taking down baddies.

Will this make Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 the best Spidey game ever?

Many reviewers and critics have received a golden ticket to try the game early. According to the critics, the game is on track to not just be a top-seller of 2023 but also a testament to Insomniac’s relentless efforts to innovate. If Insomniac’s version of the “Black Suit Saga” is as good as what we’ve seen in other formats, then “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” might just be the best Spider-Man game ever made.

Let’s also not forget the iconic choice of villains here. First up, there’s Venom. Spiderman’s formidable foe who makes a grand entrance in the game’s official teaser, emerging ominously from a dark alley following a scene with Peter and Miles.

Kraven the Hunter is another major villain making his mark in the game. Revealed in a detailed segment during the PlayStation Showcase 2023, Kraven arrives in New York with a clear mission: to confront and defeat major threats in the city, including Spider-Man and Kurt Connors aka the Lizard.

And speaking of the Lizard, there’s something different about him this time around. Insomniac Games has given him a striking update with sharp spikes. This isn’t the smooth-faced Lizard you might recall from “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Instead, he’s got a more intimidating and fearsome look this time.

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