Slovenia becomes home to world’s first Bitcoin city

The rise of crypto-currency has been the cause of massive changes by inspiring the creation of sweeping technologies, bringing about the formation of new societies, and changing the traditional way of life.

Most crypto-society members stand to gain from enlightening the world about the miraculous blockchain technology. At this point traveling with a crypto-wallet is risky considering the fact that most shops do not accept the digital currency. However, efforts are being made to change that in the near future.

Slovenia stands on top of the list of such countries that not only allow trading in crypto-currencies but also attract startups and crypto-related firms. The country’s capital named as the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’ has worked and achieved a society which is well accustomed to the concept of crypto-currency being used in shops and has its own crypto-mall in the shape of Bitcoin city.

Bitcoin city is the result of the alliance between BTC city and Eligma. The mall is accustomed to receiving a large number of customers that come to utilize the services offered by the ecosystem’s contracts that include a variety of brands along with restaurant chains and facilities offered by an amusement park.

The mall offers discrete and secure transactions in digital currency as Eligma developed its own system Elipay that deals in crypto-transactions through a mobile app. The app is easy to use requires merchants do not have extensive knowledge of crypto-currencies and pays them in fiat. The app will soon allow other means of payment to be added to it such that it becomes a complete digital wallet.