Bitcoin Trends: BTC eyes to get back to $10k

Bitcoin is certainly fluctuating at the moment but the trends haven’t had such spikes in a long time and this is what gives crypto miners and investor hope to hit back the $10K BTC/USD mark.

It has been a busy evening trend lines were broken altogether, wedges went haywire and the RSI we’ll, let’s just say when everything is breaking how can RSI wedges be any exception? Take a look at the chart below.

Bitcoin Trends: BTC eyes to get back to $10k 1


Things are still not same across all exchanges of course, prices are carrying from exchange to exchange ranging above and below the $6600 mark across the exchanges.

The disparity is what is giving hope to the investors since it allows purchase at a lower rate and selling at a higher rate.

Let’s say you buy cheaper BTC from exchanges on the lower end such as Gemini and Coinbase.

You can now hold the BTC for higher rates or you can simply sell through a different exchange offering better rates than your exchange of purchase.

Now if a bot (or a person) is making these transactions with lets say a five to six hundred dollar profit tick with each transaction imagine the boost it would give the overall BTC position.

On one hand, the disparity is giving way to bullish trend and on the other hand markets are volatile pushing some bearish trends at the same time. This is would allow gradual stability and higher BTC/USD rate; just the way to hit $10k mark.