South Korean Shipbuilder HD KSOE Introduces World’s First AI Engineer-Equipped Ship



  • HD KSOE introduces the world’s 1st ship with AI engineers for engine automation, revolutionizing maritime technology.
  • AI-based solutions HiCBM diagnose equipment, and HiCAMS enhance safety, driving efficiency, and security.
  • Collaboration with H-Line Shipping marks a pivotal move towards an AI-powered autonomous shipping era.

In a groundbreaking leap forward for the maritime industry, South Korea’s eminent shipbuilding company, HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (HD KSOE), a subsidiary of HD Hyundai, has unveiled the world’s inaugural ship integrated with an ‘AI engineer’. The technological marvel comes in the form of an AI-based engine automation solution, recently installed on H-Line Shipping’s colossal 180,000-ton LNG-powered bulk carrier. This achievement ushers in a new era of AI-driven maritime operations, constructed by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries in Yeongam, South Jeolla Province.

The dawn of AI engineering in maritime operations

HD KSOE, a pivotal player in shipbuilding, has collaborated closely with H-Line Shipping to conceive and deliver two cutting-edge engine automation solutions – the Integrated Condition Diagnosis Solution (HiCBM) and Integrated Safety Control Solution (HiCAMS). These innovations signify a substantial leap towards integrating AI into the heart of ship operations. Notably, they operate in real-time, mirroring the functions of human engineers and deck crew during critical ship maneuvers and emergencies.

The heart of the AI engineer lies in the Integrated Condition Diagnosis Solution (HiCBM), a real-time diagnostic and management system that oversees essential ship equipment such as propulsion and power generation engines, compressors, and pumps. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, HiCBM proactively identifies early signs of potential equipment failures while the vessel is in motion. This guarantees operational stability and averts malfunctions that could compromise the safety and efficiency of maritime activities.

HiCAMS: AI-powered sentinel for safety

Complementing HiCBM is the Integrated Safety Control Solution (HiCAMS), an AI-powered safety watchdog. This sophisticated system swiftly detects and analyzes safety-related incidents via onboard closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. With a watchful electronic eye on potential hazards, HiCAMS contributes significantly to upholding the ship’s and its crew’s safety, ensuring a secure voyage in even the most challenging conditions.

A versatile solution for the maritime industry

A standout feature of these AI-based systems is their adaptability to existing ships, signaling the potential expansion of the market for engine automation solutions. By making this technology retrofit-friendly, HD KSOE paves the way for the widespread adoption of AI in maritime operations, thereby ushering in a new era of efficiency and safety.

Triumph of reliability and safety

The trial operations, conducted under the rigorous scrutiny of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), have unequivocally affirmed the reliability and safety of these pioneering AI systems. This resounding success culminated in the systems obtaining the coveted approval in principle (AIP) from ABS in September, garnering recognition for their cutting-edge contributions to maritime technology.

Pioneering autonomous navigation

Notably, HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering had already demonstrated its prowess in automated navigation back in June 2022. Avikus, a subsidiary of HD Hyundai, achieved a milestone by successfully conducting autonomous navigation of a large LNG carrier named Prism Courage across the open ocean. This achievement positioned the company as a trailblazer in AI-driven maritime operations.

Looking forward to an AI-powered future

Expressing his perspective on these technological advancements, the Executive Director of HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Kwon Byeong-hun, highlighted the imminent arrival of the autonomous shipping era, driven by the fusion of artificial intelligence and digital technology. He emphasized that their collaborative efforts have positioned them as pioneers in applying this innovative engine automation solution, solidifying their position as leaders in integrating AI technology into LNG-powered bulker vessels.

Amplifying Competitiveness Through AI

A representative from H-Line Shipping expressed excitement about the potential of this technology to bolster their competitive edge. Implementing these AI-based solutions across H-Line Shipping’s fleet will give the company a distinct advantage, enabling it to operate more efficiently, securely, and innovatively in the dynamic maritime landscape.

A new horizon for maritime technology

As HD KSOE introduces the world’s first ship integrated with an AI engineer, the maritime industry stands on the threshold of transformative change. The fusion of artificial intelligence, engineering expertise, and digital innovation is poised to redefine how ships are operated, maintained, and safeguarded. With AI-driven systems like HiCBM and HiCAMS, HD KSOE has taken a momentous step towards shaping the future of maritime technology, setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and competitiveness on the open seas.

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