Is this SHIBA’s road to a new all-time high?

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  • The SHIBA inu has launched its game.
  • The game SHIBA Eternity will make the ecosystem revolutionalized
  • The second phase of the game is coming soon

On 17 September 2022, the official account of SHIBA inu tweeted, “Congratulations #ShibArmy @ShibaEternity launches in Australia! Available in the Apple App Store at this time. Google Play Store launching soon!” This is huge news for the SHIBA community because, with the launching of this game, the SHIBA ecosystem will see enormous growth. It is because the crypto world is fast moving to NFT games, and those ecosystems that did not adopt this change will lag behind.

When crypto first emerged in the late 2010s, it was quickly adopted by the young generation. With time, new and new stuff was added to the crypto market, but nothing has revolutionized this system more than NFT games. These games have expanded the ecosystem further and further. Every ecosystem is trying to launch its game. So does the SHIBA. Last year they decided that they would launch their game very soon, and here we go.

What is SHIBA Eternity?

Initially, it was decided that the game would have two rounds. One will be the classic mobile game, and the other will be NFT based game. The mobile game is easy, and you can play this game on any mobile phone. The ecosystem released the iPhone mobile game this Friday, hoping to release the NFT-based game very soon. Additionally, they said that the mobile game would soon be available for android.

The game will be played as a multiplayer game in which thousands of SHIB-inspiring cards will be used. The cards are special cards based on SHIBA founder Ryoshi. Every player will have these cards in order to play the game. Additionally, The SHIB project leader Shytoshi Kusama said that you would not need any NFT to play the game; only the card would be enough. He is sure that the game will be expanded to the entire SHIBA ecosystem so that it benefits the entire system rather than one specific project.

Why go for mobile games instead of blockchain?

The SHIB project leader Shytoshi Kusama believes that as the mobile system is not that complicated, they are testing the game on this system. In the project’s first phase, the game will be released on mobile, and in the second phase, it will be expanded to the overall ecosystem, making it bigger and bigger. So they have launched their first project on mobiles.

Game burning

Demand and supply are one of the main components of the crypto blockchain. The lesser the supply, the more would be the price of the coin. With launching this game, the ecosystem is planning to burn more and more coins every month with the help of this game. First, they burn more SHIB for advertisement revenue, and now they will burn the coins in the game.

So will SHIBA hit an all-time high?

The last time the SHIBA inu hit its all-time high was eleven months ago. Its price was $0.00008845 in October 2021. Since then, it has been trying to regain the spot again but has failed every time. However, crypto experts are of the view that by launching the game, the coin may regain an all-time high once again. They think that the game is designed in such a way that it will increase the price and ultimately reaches its all-time high. Some crypto experts believe it might enter the top ten cryptocurrencies soon.

Final thoughts

The SHIBA inu game will revolutionalize the SHIBA ecosystem. It might not that big in the first phase, but when the game is formally launched on blockchain and android, it will be a blockbuster. The NFTs card will also play its part in the price increase. The way the game is designed is confirmed that the coin will hit its all-time high very soon, and that would be the beginning of a new era for SHIBA holders. So grab your seats for an all-time high.

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