SEC and Binance contest Eeon’s request to intervene in their lawsuit


  • The United States SEC and Binance have jointly responded with to Eeon’s request to intervene in their lawsuit.
  • Binance challenges CFTC’s jurisdiction in its ongoing lawsuit.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and cryptocurrency exchange Binance have jointly responded to a request for intervention from the entity known as “Eeon” in the SEC’s case against the exchange. The response, submitted to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, cites several legal reasons for opposing Eeon’s intervention.

SEC and Binance question Eeon’s credibility in court

Both the SEC and Binance argue that Eeon does not meet the necessary legal requirements for intervention and lacks the required consent from the SEC. The SEC claims that Eeon has a history of repeatedly representing itself unsuccessfully in court cases, which undermines its credibility as a legitimate party seeking intervention. Moreover, the Securities Exchange Act, according to the SEC, prohibits private litigants from intervening in such cases, making Eeon’s request impermissible.

Additionally, the SEC contends that Eeon’s participation in the lawsuit would have no significant impact, as its claims align with those of the defendants (Binance and its CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao) and do not meet the requirements for intervention. The agency further points out that Eeon’s counterclaims are contradictory, further weakening its case for intervention.

In response, Binance provided three grounds for dismissing Eeon’s petition. Firstly, Binance highlighted the lack of consent from the agency, which is an essential requirement for any party seeking intervention. Secondly, Binance argued that Eeon has failed to establish itself as a legitimate party with a legitimate interest in the case, raising doubts about its involvement. Lastly, Binance asserted that Eeon has not met the necessary legal requirements for intervention, thereby undermining the validity of its request.

Binance challenges CFTC’s jurisdiction in its ongoing lawsuit

Both the regulatory agency and Binance are aligned in their opposition to Eeon’s intervention in the SEC’s lawsuit against Binance and its CEO. The rejection of Eeon’s request signifies their determination to contest any external involvement in the ongoing legal proceedings. Meanwhile, Binance has taken another legal stance by filing a motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought against it by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

In its motion, Binance argues that the CFTC’s attempt to regulate foreign individuals and corporations outside the U.S. exceeds the limits of its statutory jurisdiction. This assertion aims to challenge the CFTC’s authority over Binance’s operations and transactions involving non-U.S. entities. However, the court has extended the deadlines for responses from both the CFTC and Binance, leading to the expectation that the dismissal process will extend into 2024.

This extension gives both parties ample time to present their arguments and evidence in support of their respective positions. As the legal battles involving Binance continue, the outcomes of these cases are closely watched by the cryptocurrency industry and regulators alike. The results may have significant implications for the regulatory landscape surrounding crypto exchanges and their operations both within and outside the United States.

The SEC and Binance have firmly opposed Eeon’s request to intervene in the ongoing lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchange. Both parties cited legal reasons, including the lack of consent and failure to meet intervention requirements, to reject Eeon’s involvement in the case. Separately, Binance’s motion to dismiss the CFTC lawsuit further adds complexity to its legal challenges, with an extended timeline for the court proceedings. The outcomes of these cases may shape the future regulatory environment for crypto exchanges, impacting their operations and global jurisdiction.

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