SEBA Bank to raise 100M in the second round

The Swiss start-up, SEBA Bank is planning to start its series B fundraising in the hope to raise another 100 million U.S dollars. While the series A that took place almost 2 years ago raised an impressive 100m Swiss francs, which in dollars is valued at $103 Million.

SEBA was authorized by the Swiss Financial Market Authority to provide financial services to clients, mainly focusing on digital assets. Through this grant, SEBA allowed clients to keep, invest or trade against digital and traditional assets.

As a result, SEBA was successful in expanding its services to other European countries.

SEBA Bank Goals

The bank finished its series A fundraising back in September of 2018. Its goal was to develop a bank which provided crypto services to companies and investors who required, while simultaneously offering firms with conventional banking services.

Recent news has suggested that the bank is working on its second-stage fundraising, aiming to achieve 100m Swiss Francs, it also revealed that the bank plans on doing so through new investors.

The chief executive officer SEBA bank explains that to expand even further, more funds are required and stated that SEBA is a universal bank for the new economy.

Currently, as we write this, the bank has yet to announce the commencement date for this fundraising round.

Featured Image by KDM