Satoshi Nakamoto puzzle offers a prize worth over $16,000

A new Satoshi Nakamoto puzzle has surfaced and this time it is more of a marketing strategy by a startup. Phemex, a relatively new crypto derivatives trading platform has offered a price of two Bitcoin, which is currently worth more than $16,000. The challenge is to solve a picture puzzle shared via the twitter handle of the company.

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto Puzzle

The company managed by Jack Tao, provides advanced crypto derivative trading options to institutional clients. The puzzle shared on twitter resembles the face Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, a Los Angeles resident who shares the same name as the creator of Bitcoin but repudiates any connection with the mystery character.

Satoshi Nakamoto puzzle offers a prize worth over $16,000 1
Puzzle Image

The puzzle holds all the clues required by the crypto detectives to solve it. A popular guess is that the solution has something to with the first 21 digits of the mathematical constant “e”, which is a Euler’s number.

It also contains the letters “XRP”, “Phemex” and “ETH” which might be part of the solution or are intentionally placed there to trick the contestants.

This is not the first time a cryptocurrency puzzle has been launched with a hefty prize. In the past, similar puzzles have surfaced promising the enthusiast up to $10,000 worth of prize money. While one unsolved puzzle offers 102 Bitcoins but remains unsolved since 2015.

Such games where provide a healthy activity to the crypto sphere they are also a good way to engage the masses.

Featured Image by Phemex