ALTAVA partners with Sandbox to launch new NFT project


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• South Korean Metaverse will take advantage of the Sandbox’s popularity
• ALTAVA obtains the LAND from the global metaverse for its benefit

Recently, the South Korean metaverse of ALTAVA announced that it would join the Sandbox to publish its new NFT project. According to reports, the ALTAVA group will collaborate with the global metaverse to gain traction in the market and subsequently increase sales upon release.

The ALTAVA group, which operates from Singapore, has been at the center of the latest developments in the metaverse space, positioning itself as a large South Korean technology company. However, the client’s flow that ALTAVA has not been sufficient in recent weeks, so they have taken prompt measures.

ALTAVA and Sandbox partnership impresses crypto fans


Although the partnership between ALTAVA and Sandbox seems unspectacular for the fans, it is the perfect opportunity for both metaverse companies to expand their operations. The ALTAVA goal is to increase the popularity of its NFT pieces. This link between both companies will allow Sandbox to gain credibility in virtual commerce.

A key piece within the link between metaverses is the power it will give to the crypto tool that ALTAVA uses. The South Korean company will provide value to its NFT pieces with the partnership it shares with large companies such as Prada and Balmain. In this way, all the tokens auctioned in ALTAVA will be rare and attached to the art world in the fashion category.

Buy ALTAVA in Sandbox

ALTAVA has not only shared the metaverse with Sandbox but also bought “LAND.” With this additional tool within the South Korean metaverse, customers can interact with other people looking for the latest fashion trends. But the ALTAVA LAND will also allow the Korean company to host artistic presentations, virtual fairs, and galleries.

The founder of the global Sandbox metaverse, Borget Sebastien, said that introducing NFTs between ALTAVA and his company will allow fans to have a fun time. This presentation is expected to enable the virtual promotion of fashion trends.

The South Korean metaverse successfully closed a private auction where it published around 2000 NFTs in previous months. According to reports, the auction concluded on the 3rd of March.

However, the new NFT auction with Sandbox plans to go live on the 24th of March. The exact amount of pieces that will be “minted” in the auction is not known yet, but it is believed that the figure will double the previous one. Enthusiasts who participate in purchasing the NFTs can trade them on OpenSea, the Ethereum NFT marketplace. The South Korean company may reveal the theme of its non-fungible parts before the agreed date.

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