Rockstar GTA Online Update Removes Rockstar Editor Feature on PS4 and Xbox One


  • Rockstar Games ditched Rockstar Editor in GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One, leaving players bummed.
  • The new update aims to prep for future game updates, potentially Grand Theft Auto VI.
  • Players are sad, but some are hopeful, seeking new gaming adventures beyond GTA Online.

Rockstar Games has rolled out a new update for Grand Theft Auto V, signaling a significant change for players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update, version 1.006.002, removes the beloved Rockstar Editor feature from these platforms, leaving many players mourning its loss.

Players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will lose access to the Rockstar Editor, a versatile tool enabling them to capture, edit, and share videos seamlessly within Grand Theft Auto V. The removal of this feature signals a significant shift for the gaming community, particularly for the thousands who relied on it for creative expression and content creation. 

With the Editor’s departure, players must seek alternative methods for capturing and sharing their in-game experiences while also reflecting on the impact this change may have on the future evolution of the game.

Rockstar’s transition for players

Despite the disappointment of losing the Rockstar Editor, their Games offers players a solution by advising them to link their Rockstar Games account to their YouTube account for future video storage. 

However, for those who heavily relied on the Rockstar Editor for creative expression, this alternative fails to alleviate their disappointment. As players adapt to this change, they must transition to alternative video creation and sharing methods while acknowledging its impact on their gaming experiences.

Despite removing the Editor from PS4 and Xbox One, players on newer platforms such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will continue to have access to this feature. This dichotomy further emphasizes the need for players to upgrade to newer consoles or switch to PCs to retain access to the full game features.

Understanding Rockstar’s decision behind the update

Rockstar Games has justified the removal of the Editor from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by emphasizing the necessity of prioritizing future updates for both platforms. This strategic move underscores the studio’s dedication to enhancing the gaming experience and signifies a potential reallocation of resources toward developing the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI. 

By streamlining focus on upcoming updates, Rockstar aims to propel the game’s evolution while laying the groundwork for the next installment in the iconic franchise. This decision reflects the studio’s commitment to innovation and highlights the dynamic nature of the gaming industry, where continual improvement and adaptation are paramount. 

As players come to terms with this shift, they anticipate the potential enhancements and innovations that future updates may bring while eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto saga.

The removal has sparked a wave of disappointment and nostalgia within the Grand Theft Auto V community. Players have taken to platforms like Reddit to express their sadness over losing a significant feature in their gaming experiences. Many reminisce about the memories created through online races, car meets, stunt challenges, and the creative storytelling facilitated by the Rockstar Editor.

Despite the somber mood surrounding the removal, some players are optimistic about exploring new online experiences. For them, the end of an era in GTA Online allows them to discover alternative gaming platforms or communities where they can continue to express their creativity and forge new connections.

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