Reynatis: Furyu Unveils Multiplatform Action JRPG


  • Reynatis: New action JRPG for PS5, PS4, and Switch.
  • It is a story set in Tokyo’s Shibuya, with unique magic mechanics.
  • Switch between hiding and using magic in battles.

Furyu, the renowned developer, has unveiled its highly anticipated action JRPG, Reynatis, in the latest Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase. The game, set to release on PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, promises an immersive experience blending captivating storytelling with dynamic gameplay.

Intriguing storyline crafted by industry veterans

Penned by Kazushige Nojima, acclaimed writer of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises, Reynatis offers a compelling narrative set in a world divided between magic and non-magic users. 

Players are immersed in the lives of Marin Kirizumi and Sari Nishijima, two individuals with contrasting perspectives on magic and its place in society.

Dive into Shibuya’s vibrant world

Set against the backdrop of Tokyo’s Shibuya ward, Reynatis showcases a meticulously recreated urban landscape, complete with iconic landmarks such as the Scramble Crossing and Shibuya Center-Gai. 

The city serves as a hub for diverse cultures and ideologies, where players will navigate its streets while unraveling the mysteries hidden within.

Dynamic gameplay mechanics

Reynatis introduces innovative gameplay mechanics, allowing players to seamlessly switch between “Suppressed” and “Liberated” modes during combat. In Suppressed mode, players focus on evasion and interaction with NPCs while concealing their magical abilities. 

Conversely, Liberated mode empowers players to unleash devastating spells, leaving them vulnerable to enemy attacks. Mastering the art of mode-switching becomes essential for success in battles and exploration alike.

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