Questions arise over Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s financial moves


  • Accusations against Vitalik Buterin for strategic selling and questionable investments raise concerns about market manipulation.
  • Mr. Huber questions Buterin’s actions and financial stability in his projects.
  • The cryptocurrency community debates the claims, stressing the importance of transparency in financial decisions.

A recent Twitter thread by on-chain analyst Mr. Huber has ignited discussions within the cryptocurrency community regarding the financial decisions of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. 

In the thread, Mr. Huber raises concerns about Buterin’s investment strategies. He suggests that his actions may be more calculated than coincidental, leading to speculation about the financial state of the Ethereum co-founder and the future of his projects.

Allegations of strategic selling

The thread by Mr. Huber begins by questioning Vitalik Buterin’s investment choices, particularly his involvement with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin. Mr. Huber accuses Buterin of consistently selling his holdings at what appears to be the market’s peak, implying that these actions are not mere coincidence but rather part of a deliberate strategy. 

Mr. Huber alleges that Buterin informs his crypto insider friends before making substantial sales, leading to suspicions of market manipulation.

“Of course, never without informing others first, only to act confused about how he always manages to sell the top. Anyone who informs his crypto insider friends that he is about to sell millions of coins is not hitting the top but causing it!”

Mr. Huber’s Twitter thread also sheds light on what he perceives as inconsistencies in Buterin’s statements and actions. Notably, Buterin has expressed skepticism about Dogecoin and questioned its value, yet he reportedly invested $25,000 in the project. 

This apparent contradiction has raised eyebrows within the cryptocurrency community, especially considering Buterin’s past remarks about the financial challenges faced by Ethereum in its journey towards developing Ethereum 2.0.

Speculations of financial challenges

Mr. Huber speculates that Vitalik Buterin may be grappling with financial difficulties, suggesting that his project may be on the brink of collapse. This speculation stems from Buterin’s decision to inject $25,000 into a project he has publicly criticized as having little value. According to Mr. Huber, such a move raises questions about Buterin’s financial stability and the motives behind the investment.

The Twitter thread concludes by delving into a more elaborate theory, proposing that influential figures in the cryptocurrency space, like Buterin, may have been planning market manipulations for years. The theory posits that these figures, with their substantial holdings, can easily influence smaller market capitalizations, ultimately shaping the trajectory of various cryptocurrencies.

While these claims and speculations by Mr. Huber have gained attention and sparked debate, it is essential to approach them with caution, as they remain unverified and are based on observations and interpretations of Buterin’s actions in the cryptocurrency market.

Ethereum clarity and transparency

As the cryptocurrency space evolves, key figures like Vitalik Buterin must maintain transparency and clear communication regarding their financial decisions and investments. The cryptocurrency community, investors, and enthusiasts often look to these figures for guidance and leadership, and any perceived inconsistencies or lack of transparency can lead to questions and concerns.

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