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  • PMI Research Highlights that only 18% of project professionals equipped with AI skills boast practical experience.
  • Organizations emphasizing power skills complete projects more efficiently, wasting less investment compared to global averages.
  • PMI President Urges Project Professionals to Lead AI Transformation.

In an eye-opening disclosure, the Project Management Institute (PMI) brings to light a stark reality in the realm of project management—despite possessing artificial intelligence (AI) skills, a mere 18% of project professionals have practical experience in deploying these capabilities. PMI, the foremost organization in project management, is spearheading initiatives to bridge this gap, offering learning resources and tools to empower project professionals in leveraging AI and ensuring project success while preserving the human touch.

Navigating the AI-powered landscape

As AI solidifies its presence in project management, PMI aims to equip professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge. The organization is actively developing resources, including a free online course titled “Generative AI Overview for Project Managers.” This course serves as a cornerstone, providing project professionals with insights into leveraging AI, machine learning (ML), and generative AI (GenAI). PMI encourages project professionals to experiment with these tools, fostering connections with peers for valuable lessons. The organization’s annual event, the PMI® Global Summit, in October in Atlanta, Georgia, is set to reimagine the balance between AI and human ingenuity.

PMI’s research extends beyond skills, revealing that organizations prioritizing power skills outperform global averages in project completion and investment efficiency. This data underscores the critical importance of interpersonal skills—communication, problem-solving, collaborative leadership, and strategic thinking—in achieving project success. McKinsey supports this perspective, highlighting that while AI and GenAI can automate a significant portion of work activities, they fall short in replicating the indispensable interpersonal skills brought by project managers.

Pierre Le Manh, President and CEO of PMI, envisions an opportunity for project professionals to elevate their leadership roles amid AI-driven disruptions. Recognizing project professionals as natural learners, problem solvers, and innovators, he emphasizes the need for continuous learning to navigate the evolving landscape of AI technology. According to Le Manh, project professionals must prioritize staying updated on AI developments, utilizing the Artificial Intelligence in Project Management Resource Center on PMI.org as the go-to destination for relevant insights, thought leadership, and community-contributed content.

The importance of AI skills for project management

PMI’s commitment to advancing AI knowledge doesn’t end with the introductory course. The organization plans to release two new articles in October 2023, offering key insights into leveraging AI for project productivity and enhancing power skills. With a focus on continuous learning, PMI emphasizes the need for project professionals to upskill rapidly, aligning with the growing career opportunities in AI adoption.

The preeminent Chief Executive Officer at PMI solemnly pledges an unwavering commitment to ensuring the perpetual and seamless augmentation of the AI within the Project Management Resource Center, steadfastly dedicated to the perpetual refinement and enhancement of its informational repository. This commitment extends to the meticulous integration of an eclectic array of elements, encompassing survey revelations, avant-garde thought leadership, exhaustive industry analyses, erudite academic research, and a compendium of community-driven contributions. 

This meticulously curated compendium, artfully enriched by the collaborative synergy with PMI’s esteemed academic and corporate affiliates, aspires to ascend to the pinnacle of indispensability, serving as the quintessential wellspring for project professionals and organizations aspiring to harness the transformative potential of artificial intelligence tools for the purpose of elevating their projects to unprecedented levels of success.

As AI continues to reshape the project management landscape, the question remains: Are project professionals prepared to lead the AI transformation of organizations? The path forward, as suggested by PMI, involves prioritizing continuous learning, embracing AI tools, and fostering a community of project professionals committed to navigating the evolving era of efficiency, insight, and growth. How project professionals answer this call will undoubtedly shape the future of project management in an AI-driven world.

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