Paxos Shows November Transparency Report for PYUSD

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  • Paxos’s November transparency report reveals key token-related metrics for PYUSD. The market value of collateral in US Treasury repurchase agreements is reported at $160,590,905, with a nominal position value of $157,442,000. The report also breaks down cash deposits and provides a comprehensive view of total net assets.
  • The transparency report reflects Paxos’s commitment to openness in the stablecoin space. By offering a detailed breakdown of collateral values and risk management protocols, Paxos enhances stakeholder understanding and fosters trust within the cryptocurrency community. Ongoing transparency efforts contribute to positioning Paxos as a responsible and reliable player in the evolving digital finance landscape.

In a move towards fostering transparency, Paxos has recently published its November transparency report for PYUSD, presenting unaudited data as of December 1.

The report discloses key metrics, shedding light on the state of PYUSD, a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. Notably, the total outstanding tokens stand at approximately $156,753,068, indicating a marginal decrease of about 1.3% compared to October’s figures.

Paxos overview of token metrics

The November transparency report from Paxos offers a meticulous breakdown of various token-related metrics, providing valuable insights into the financial health of PYUSD, a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. Within the comprehensive overview, specific attention is given to the market value of collateral in US Treasury repurchase agreements. The report discloses a figure of $160,590,905 for the current market value, complemented by a nominal position value of $157,442,000. The detailed breakdown facilitates a deeper understanding of the stablecoin’s underlying collateral and its associated market dynamics.

Furthermore, the transparency report extends its observation to encompass other cash deposits held by custodian institutions. The disclosed market value for these deposits stands at $1,178, with a corresponding nominal position value of $1,178. The inclusion in the report provides stakeholders with a holistic perspective on the diverse components contributing to the stability and value of PYUSD. The overarching view culminates in the market value of collateral in total net assets, amounting to $160,592,083, accompanied by a nominal position value of $157,443,178. The comprehensive breakdown enhances transparency and aids stakeholders in making informed assessments of PYUSD’s overall financial standing.

The transparency report not only serves as a snapshot of current token metrics but also reflects Paxos’s commitment to providing stakeholders with detailed and transparent information. The level of disclosure is instrumental in fostering trust within the cryptocurrency community and aligns with industry expectations for accountability and openness. As Paxos continues to release these comprehensive reports, the broader financial community gains valuable insights into the stability, collateralization, and risk management protocols that underpin PYUSD.

Understanding US treasury repurchase agreements

The transparency report provides insights into the nature of US Treasury repurchase agreements, crucial components of Paxos’s operational framework. These agreements involve contractual arrangements between two parties, where one party commits to selling securities to the other at a specified price. Simultaneously, they agree to repurchase the securities at a later date, typically at a higher predetermined price. In the event of a counterparty default, Paxos retains the ability to liquidate the US Treasury collateral to cover potential losses. It is important to note that the inherent risk is mitigated by the over-collateralization of all transactions, minimizing the significance of potential losses.

Risk mitigation and financial safeguards

Given the intricate nature of financial transactions involving stablecoins, Paxos underscores its commitment to risk mitigation and financial safeguards. The transparency report serves as a testament to the over-collateralization strategy employed by Paxos, ensuring a robust mechanism for covering losses in the unlikely event of a counterparty default. The approach aligns with industry best practices, offering stakeholders a clear understanding of the risk management protocols in place.

As Paxos continues to provide these detailed transparency reports, stakeholders and the wider financial community gain valuable insights into the stability and security measures underpinning PYUSD. The November report not only reveals key financial metrics but also reinforces Paxos’s dedication to maintaining a transparent and resilient ecosystem in the realm of stablecoins. Stay tuned for further updates as Paxos navigates the evolving landscape of digital assets and financial transparency.


Paxos’s November transparency report stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to openness and clarity in the realm of stablecoins. The detailed breakdown of token-related metrics, including collateral values in US Treasury repurchase agreements and cash deposits, provides stakeholders with a comprehensive view of PYUSD’s financial landscape. The commitment to transparency not only enhances understanding but also underscores Paxos’s dedication to risk mitigation and prudent financial safeguards. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, these transparent disclosures contribute to building trust and confidence within the community, positioning Paxos as a responsible and reliable player in the digital asset space. Stakeholders can anticipate ongoing insights as Paxos navigates the dynamic landscape of digital finance.

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