El Salvador’s crypto adoption falls short of expectations

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  • El Salvador: Just 1.72% own Bitcoin, despite government support.
  • Ranking 55th globally, El Salvador’s crypto adoption lags.
  • $1 million investment plan seeks to boost crypto participation.

El Salvador, the pioneering nation that made history by adopting cryptocurrency as legal tender, is facing a surprising challenge: a lack of widespread crypto adoption among its population. Despite the government’s continuous efforts to promote cryptocurrencies, a recent report reveals that less than 2% of the country’s population owns crypto assets.

El Salvador’s crypto enthusiasm lags behind

El Salvador became the first country in the world to embrace Bitcoin as an official currency, aiming to revolutionize its financial landscape and facilitate remittances from abroad. However, recent data from Triple A indicates that out of a population of approximately 6.36 million, only about 1.72% of Salvadorans, or roughly 109,175 individuals, own Bitcoin.

Global Crypto Adoption Ranking

The report also ranks El Salvador 55th on the global crypto adoption index. This ranking is significantly lower than expected, especially considering the government’s enthusiastic support for cryptocurrencies. Several nations, even those that have imposed bans on crypto, are reportedly experiencing faster growth rates in terms of crypto adoption.

For instance, despite China’s strict ban on cryptocurrencies, approximately 4.08% of its population, equivalent to 58 million people, are reported to own digital assets.

Despite the limited crypto ownership among its citizens, President Nayib Bukele announced that El Salvador’s combined Bitcoin investments have reached $131 million as of December 4, 2023. This investment translated into a net profit of $3.6 million, resulting in a total gain of 2.84%.

Government initiatives to boost Crypto investment

In response to the underwhelming adoption rates, the government of El Salvador has been actively working to stimulate crypto investment within the nation. One notable initiative, reported on December 2023, introduces a citizenship-by-investment program. This program offers a residency visa and a pathway to citizenship for individuals willing to invest $1 million in either Bitcoin or Tether within the country.

El Salvador’s journey into the world of cryptocurrencies has been marked by both achievements and challenges. While it remains the only country actively using crypto as legal tender, the limited ownership among its citizens raises questions about the effectiveness of the government’s initiatives and the potential barriers to widespread adoption.

The 1.72% ownership rate suggests that the majority of the population may still be hesitant or unaware of the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Education and outreach efforts may play a crucial role in addressing this issue and increasing crypto literacy among Salvadorans.

El Salvador’s crypto adoption rate, while historic in its own right, faces stiff competition from countries like China, where a higher percentage of the population owns digital assets despite stringent regulations. This raises questions about the impact of government policies and regulatory frameworks on crypto adoption.

It is evident that simply embracing crypto as legal tender does not guarantee widespread adoption. Factors such as economic stability, access to technology, financial education, and regulatory clarity can all influence a nation’s crypto ownership rates.

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