Ethereum classic and blockchain interoperability

It has been revealed that Blockchain networks have to manage trade-off decisions right after their origin. There are a variety of consensus models that add their own touch into the base of whatever blockchain platform they are making.

The POW or proof of work system come in handy. The POW networks are good at protecting assets. Its counterpart the POS or proof of stake can aid in making efficient and fast transactions. Thus the decisions made right after the origin of the blockchain network are crucial and have a huge impact.

Looking at the transfer of value cases we notice that large transfer of values do not take the speed and scalability into account and they do not care much for these aspects. What they do care about the most are things like security and safety. Blockchain helps in a lot of cases. More than one blockchains developing through interoperability can do wonders.

Take Ethereum Classic for example. It has been doing everything in its power to carry out interoperability with over four newly rising projects. Ethereum Classic has experience with dealing in decentralized and change-resistant environments.

Many developers are showing an increasing interest in this sentiment and are initiating the first steps into blockchain interoperability. All this leading towards the dawn of a new era. Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum talked about this stating that Interoperable blockchains open new doors for development and can make such a large variety of things easier to manage and implement.

Recently the ECLC team made the OpenRPC Specification, Its main purpose is to improve blockchain and decentralized application development. Metronome will also be launched on the Ethereum with the help of ETH Classic. Its greatest strength is its portability. This makes Metronome popular as well.

peaceBridge includes the challenge functionality with UI. This helps with good security mechanisms and promotes engagement among users. The TokenBridge is a dapp that interacts with both the Ethereum Classic (ETC) and the Ethereum mainnet.