Nintendo and Pokémon Company Respond to Palworld Controversy


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  • Nintendo acts fast against Pokémon mods in Palworld, sparking fears of intellectual property issues.
  • Ex-Pokémon legal chief calls Palworld a rip-off, adding to legal uncertainties surrounding the game.
  • Palworld’s developer, Pocketpair, stands firm, asserting a clean legal record and denying any intent to infringe on others’ intellectual property.

Nintendo has swiftly taken action against mods featuring Pokémon characters within Palworld, the surprise hit video game that has sold six million copies in just four days, as it faces controversy over alleged plagiarism. While the game’s developer, Pocketpair, maintains that they received a clean legal bill of health prior to release, the lack of a formal statement from Nintendo or The Pokémon Company adds intrigue to the unfolding legal situation. Don McGowan, the former chief legal officer for The Pokémon Company, has voiced his concerns, calling it “the usual rip-off nonsense.”

Nintendo cracks down on Pokémon mods in Palworld

Despite Palworld’s immense success and Pocketpair’s claim of a clean legal slate, Nintendo has taken preemptive measures by cracking down on mods that introduce Pokémon characters into the game. Even before an official trailer for Palworld is released, evidence of a Pokémon mod by YouTuber ToastedShoes has been swiftly removed from various online platforms. The mod’s removal indicates Nintendo’s proactive stance against potential copyright infringement, reflecting their notorious reputation for protecting their intellectual property.

Former pokémon company legal chief voices concerns

Don McGowan, the former chief legal officer for The Pokémon Company, has expressed skepticism regarding Palworld’s alleged plagiarism of Pokémon characters. McGowan, who dealt with numerous intellectual property issues during his tenure, labeled the situation as “the usual rip-off nonsense” that he encountered frequently. Despite Palworld’s claim of a clean legal record, McGowan’s remarks add weight to the ongoing controversy, suggesting that the gaming community and legal experts are closely watching developments.

Pocketpair’s defiant stance amid controversy

While Nintendo takes action against Pokémon mods in Palworld, Pocketpair, the developers of the game, remain defiant in the face of allegations. CEO Takuro Mizobuchi asserts that the game underwent thorough legal scrutiny before release and emphasizes their commitment to avoiding any infringement on the intellectual property of other companies. Despite the controversy and McGowan’s skepticism, Palworld’s developers maintain that their intentions are legitimate and that the game was created with utmost seriousness.

In the absence of formal statements from Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, the gaming community awaits clarity on the legal status of Palworld. The refusal of The Pokémon Company to comment on the situation, coupled with Nintendo’s standard practice of not discussing individual cases, suggests that the controversy may be evolving into a more substantial legal issue.

As Palworld continues to make headlines for its unprecedented success, the clash between its Pokémon-like creatures and the iconic Pokémon characters intensifies the scrutiny. The lack of a clear resolution raises questions about how Nintendo and The Pokémon Company will respond to a potential threat to their intellectual property, and whether legal action will be pursued against Palworld.

The Palworld controversy highlights the delicate balance between game developers’ creative expression and the protection of established intellectual properties. As the gaming community observes the unfolding legal drama, the case of Palworld serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by developers navigating the boundaries of inspiration and imitation in the gaming industry.

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