New Atlantis in Starfield: A Hub of Exciting Side Missions


  • In Starfield’s New Atlantis, players find diverse side missions, from journalism to helping locals, offering unique adventures.
  • New Atlantis is a vibrant hub in the game, with over two dozen side quests, each with its own story and rewards.
  • These missions provide a mix of activities, making New Atlantis a central place for players to engage in various adventures.

In the immersive world of Starfield, players find themselves in the lush capital of the United Colonies, known as New Atlantis. As one of the primary player hubs in the game, New Atlantis not only hosts more than half of the main campaign missions but also offers a rich tapestry of side missions. These side quests, which can be pursued in addition to the main storyline, allow players to engage in a diverse array of activities, from journalism to solving mysteries and assisting fellow inhabitants.

The gateway to new Atlantis

New Atlantis City is a striking city situated on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System, divided into four distinct districts. Upon completing the game‘s tutorial in “One Small Step” and arriving in the city with Vasco, players gain access to these side missions. New Atlantis not only serves as a picturesque backdrop but also as the epicenter for most in-game activities. To streamline travel within the city, players can unlock fast travel points, saving valuable time during their adventures.

A diverse array of side missions

New Atlantis boasts over two dozen side missions, each offering a unique experience. These quests can be initiated in no particular order, giving players the freedom to choose their path. Here are some of the standout side missions:

1. A Light in the Darkness: In this unusual quest, players assume the role of an SSNN reporter, conducting interviews and earning rewards for their journalism skills.

2. A Parting Gift: This heartwarming mission involves delivering sentimental items across galaxies for an elderly woman, highlighting the enduring appeal of traditional communication methods.

3. A Tree Grows in New Atlantis: The city’s trees are in jeopardy, and players must investigate their decline and seek a solution in this ecocentric quest.

4. Out on a Limb: A follow-up to the previous quest, players continue to investigate the mysterious tree issues and assist scientists in restoring greenery.

5. Alternating Current: Building upon the “Tapping the Grid” quest, players must make critical choices regarding evidence related to junction boxes.

6. Beautiful Secrets: Assist a clinical surgeon in retrieving a lost slate containing confidential patient data, showcasing the importance of trust in technology.

7. Distilling Confidence: Players lend a helping hand to a local bartender by recovering her ingredients from the Customs warehouse, a short yet rewarding quest.

8. Dream Home: This quest allows players to acquire a luxurious house, but at the cost of a loan from GalBank, requiring weekly mortgage payments.

9. Due in Full: Players must track down customers who haven’t deactivated their bank accounts at GalBank, leading to a lengthy mission with significant travel.

10. Gem Jealousy: Mediate between two friends in a dispute over a lost bet, an intriguing exploration of relationships.

11. Left Behind: Embark on a straightforward yet rewarding mission to locate a missing partner in a cave.

12. Oliver Branch: Promote hope by planting olive trees around the city, emphasizing non-violence as a means of achieving goals.

13. Overdesigned: Help Walter Stroud, a Lodge member, by checking his ship manufacturing company and potentially earning an enhanced ship for future adventures.

14. Preventative Action: Continue the UC Faction questline by becoming a hitman for Vae Victis, eliminating assigned targets across the galaxy.

15. Primary Sources: Assist the government in New Atlantis by checking on workers in abandoned areas, highlighting the city’s selflessness.

16. Reliable Care: After the “Primary Sources” quest, players must help Nurse O’Shea find a cure for children in her clinic by collecting relevant materials.

17. Search and Seizure: Take on smugglers by visiting Yumi at the UC Security Office, ensuring contraband is dealt with accordingly.

18. Suspicious Activity: Assist Theresa Mason, a local shop owner, in dealing with suspicious individuals lurking around her shop after completing the “Primary Sources” quest.

19. Tapping the Grid: Aid Louisa in figuring out the power drainage issue in a short but rewarding quest.

20. Terror Brew: Embark on a unique mission to brew the world’s best coffee by retrieving beans from a dangerous entity.

21. The Art Dealer: Engage with an artist at Jemison Mercantile, learning about art and helping him recover his masterpiece.

22. Two Tales, Two Cities: Utilize detective skills to investigate vandalism in New Atlantis City after completing the “Search and Seizure” mission.

23. UC: A Break at Dawn: Resolve a personal crisis for Hugo, a United Colonies member, by becoming a relationship counselor in this quest.

24. UC: Keeping the Peace: Retrieve a package for a faction member in one of the earliest side missions available to United Colonies members.

25. The Boot: Assist Antonio in ridding himself of a cursed pair of boots that bring misfortune.

26. The Kindness of Strangers: Escort an injured companion back home in a heartwarming mission, receiving compensation for your efforts.

These side missions offer players a diverse range of experiences, from investigative work and diplomacy to exploration and combat. New Atlantis is a vibrant hub filled with opportunities for players to immerse themselves in the rich world of Starfield.

New Atlantis in Starfield is more than just a backdrop; it’s a treasure trove of side missions that enhance the gaming experience. Whether you prefer the thrill of combat or the intrigue of investigation, there’s a quest for everyone in this expansive virtual world. So, don your spacesuit, pick your missions, and embark on an unforgettable journey in Starfield’s New Atlantis.

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