Microsoft Introduces Copilot AI to Windows 10: Limited Rollout Begins


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  • Microsoft’s Copilot AI arrives in Windows 10, but availability is limited during its preview phase.
  • Taskbar customization could affect Copilot’s functionality; Microsoft is working on a fix.
  • Copilot’s current capabilities are basic, but Microsoft plans to expand its features over time.

Microsoft has rolled out its Copilot AI in a recent cumulative update for Windows 10, but not all users will have immediate access to it. The update, known as patch KB5033372, not only introduces Copilot but also includes security fixes and additional features. However, there are some caveats and limitations to be aware of.

Limited availability of copilot

Copilot, Microsoft’s new AI assistant, is making its debut in Windows 10 with the latest update. However, it’s important to note that Copilot is currently available to a select audience during its preview phase. Microsoft plans to expand its availability in the coming months. If you’ve installed the December update (KB5033372) and don’t see the Copilot icon on your taskbar, it could be due to this limited initial rollout.

For those who do have access to Copilot but prefer not to use it, Microsoft offers a simple solution. Users can right-click on the Copilot icon to disable the AI assistant, as reported by Windows Latest.

Interface issue for taskbar customization

While the introduction of Copilot is a significant addition, some Windows 10 users who have customized their desktops may encounter an interface issue. If you’ve moved your taskbar from its default bottom position to the side of the screen, Copilot may not be supported in this configuration. Although this applies to a niche group of users who enjoy desktop customization, it’s an issue worth noting.

Microsoft acknowledges this limitation, stating, “Copilot in Windows (in preview) is not currently supported when your taskbar is located vertically on the right or left of your screen.” The recommended workaround, according to Microsoft, is to relocate the taskbar back to the bottom or top of the screen. However, for users deeply invested in their customized desktop layouts, this change could disrupt their workflow and preferences.

Microsoft is actively working on resolving this UI hiccup and has promised to keep users updated on its progress. It’s worth noting that Windows 11, in contrast, does not allow users to move the taskbar away from the bottom of the desktop, eliminating this problem for Windows 11 users.

Copilot’s current functionality

As Copilot begins its limited rollout, it’s essential to manage expectations regarding its current functionality. At this stage, Copilot is a rudimentary AI assistant, reminiscent of the Bing chatbot (now renamed Copilot itself). While it can perform some basic tasks like manipulating a few Windows settings, its capabilities are limited.

Microsoft plans to expand Copilot’s functionality gradually over the coming months. Users can expect more features and improved performance as the AI matures.

Microsoft’s Copilot AI has made its way to Windows 10 through a recent cumulative update (KB5033372), but it’s currently only available to a select audience during its preview phase. Users who don’t see the Copilot icon on their taskbar should be patient, as Microsoft intends to expand its availability over time. Additionally, there is an interface issue for Windows 10 users who have customized their taskbar to a vertical position on the side of the screen, but Microsoft is actively working to address this.

While Copilot’s current capabilities are limited, Microsoft plans to enhance its functionality in the future. As Copilot matures, it is expected to become a more powerful AI assistant with a broader range of features. For now, Windows 10 users can experiment with Copilot’s initial capabilities and look forward to its growth in the months ahead.

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