Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard and King


  • Microsoft’s Activision acquisition aims for gaming inclusivity, not exclusivity.
  • Phil Spencer emphasizes unity in the “Call of Duty Nation.”
  • Xbox’s goal: Parity in content, irrespective of console choice.

In a recent announcement, Microsoft made waves in the gaming world with its official acquisition of gaming giants Activision Blizzard and mobile powerhouse King. This monumental move has sparked conversations and speculations among the gaming community, particularly concerning the fate of popular titles like Call of Duty. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, recently shed light on the company’s approach to the acquisition and its implications for the future of gaming.

Ensuring inclusivity and parity across platforms

Addressing concerns regarding exclusive content and platform bias, Phil Spencer emphasized Microsoft’s commitment to inclusivity across all gaming platforms. He assured players that the Call of Duty experience would remain consistent regardless of the console of choice, reiterating Microsoft’s vision for the gaming community as a unified “Call of Duty nation.”

“We want all Call of Duty players, whether on PlayStation or, in the future, on Nintendo, to feel completely integrated into the gaming community. Our goal is to ensure parity across all platforms, striving for simultaneous launches and consistent content availability,” Spencer stated on the Official Xbox Podcast.

While acknowledging inherent differences in performance capabilities leading to resolution and frame rate discrepancies, Spencer made it clear that Microsoft has no intention of leveraging Call of Duty as a tool to drive Xbox console sales. “There will be differences in performance, but beyond that, we have no interest in using Call of Duty to sway players towards the Xbox platform,” he emphasized.

Reflecting on previous restrictions and promoting community unity

Reflecting on past limitations and exclusivity deals, Spencer expressed empathy for players who might have felt left out due to platform-specific restrictions. He mentioned instances where Xbox users were unable to access certain content or participate in beta tests, acknowledging the negative impact such practices can have on the gaming community.

“We’ve experienced situations where Xbox players were excluded from accessing specific skins and time-sensitive content, even during beta releases. I firmly believe that this kind of exclusionary approach does not foster a healthy gaming community or benefit the overall gaming experience,” Spencer admitted.

Reassuring players across all platforms, Spencer emphasized his desire for every gamer, regardless of their console preference, to feel like an integral part of the vibrant Call of Duty community. “Whether you’re gaming on Nintendo, PlayStation, or any other platform, we want you to feel like a valued member of the Call of Duty Nation,” he concluded.

Microsoft’s recent acquisition has undoubtedly stirred excitement and anticipation within the gaming world, with the promise of a more inclusive and unified gaming experience on the horizon. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, Microsoft’s pledge to uphold parity and inclusivity sets a promising precedent for the future of gaming across all platforms.

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