Is MCL Viper Pioneering Multi-Drone Launch in Military Vehicles?


  • SpearUAV introduces Multi Canister Launcher (MCL) Viper system at DSEI Defence exhibition.
  • The MCL Viper bolsters military vehicles with the ability to launch multiple drones without exposing soldiers to harm.
  • Advanced AI-powered Viper drones offer enhanced tactical effectiveness and protection.

SpearUAV introduced the Multi Canister Launcher (MCL) Viper system at this year’s DSEI Defence exhibition in London, representing a significant advancement in military technology. This innovative system revolutionizes the capabilities of military vehicles by equipping them with the ability to launch multiple drones, all while keeping soldiers safely protected within the vehicle’s interior. 

SpearUAV’s MCL Viper not only ensures the seamless integration of drones into military operations but also enhances tactical effectiveness through advanced AI technology. The integration of drones into modern military operations has been a pivotal transformation in the field of warfare. But, the challenge has always been to make these unmanned systems an intrinsic part of the overall fighting strategy rather than just an add-on. SpearUAV’s MCL Viper system stands as a pioneering solution to this challenge.

AI-powered Viper drones for enhanced tactical efficiency

The Viper 300 family, comprising small foldable quadcopter drones with electric propulsion, interchangeable warheads, and advanced interactive sensors, is at the heart of this revolutionary system. These drones are designed to navigate complex environments, evade obstacles, hover, and identify targets autonomously. The integration of artificial intelligence allows them to make critical decisions even before a human operator engages an attack, making them a force multiplier.

MCL Viper system revolutionizes military vehicles for tactical edge

Taking the concept of Viper drones a step further, the MCL Viper system encapsulates four or more Viper drones within a single unit, designed to securely attach to the exterior of various military vehicles, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, and robotic scout vehicles. This integration empowers tactical units with the capability to launch multiple drones simultaneously or in sequence, all while maintaining the safety and protection of the vehicle’s interior. This advancement significantly reduces the exposure of soldiers to potential harm while offering greater maneuverability on the battlefield.

Yiftach Kleinman, EVP Commercial at Spear UAV, underscored the importance of this advancement, acknowledging the complex issues tied to SWAP (Size, Weight, and Power) allocation within military platforms. He also highlighted the critical necessity of enhancing tactical forces with advanced capabilities. Kleinman went on to explain that this innovative solution is well-positioned to bolster the entire VIPER 300 family of capabilities, serving units across various echelons, from squads and platoons to companies and battalions.

The MCL Viper system revolutionizes tactical warfare by providing military forces with unitary or swarm capabilities. These capabilities encompass hovering, speed, compactness, and cost-effectiveness, allowing troops to engage and eliminate pinpoint targets either kinetically or electronically. The seamless integration of MCL Viper with Battle Management Systems (BMS) and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4i) systems ensures that it becomes an integral part of the forces’ ecosystem.

Kleinman stressed the transformative nature of this solution, emphasizing that it has a profound impact on tactical effectiveness. According to him, this solution not only enhances the ability of troops to execute a wide array of missions successfully but also boosts their protection levels while minimizing exposure to adversaries across various warfare scenarios.

The future of multi-drone launch capacity

The introduction of SpearUAV’s MCL Viper system marks a significant leap forward in the integration of drones into military operations. By offering military vehicles the ability to launch multiple AI-powered Viper drones without exposing soldiers to harm, this technology is set to become a game-changer on the modern battlefield. As military forces continue to adapt and innovate, the MCL Viper system exemplifies the direction in which warfare is headed—a future where advanced technology and artificial intelligence seamlessly combine to ensure both effectiveness and safety. With the MCL Viper system, the future of multi-drone launch capacity has arrived, reshaping the landscape of tactical warfare as we know it.

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