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LiteBringer: skill and element modifiers guide

realm gate

Following up from last week’s foundational LiteBringer guide, today we journey through the skill and element modifiers in the LiteBringer game.

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LiteBringer: what are skill and element modifiers

Each quest that your characters take on can have an elemental modifying factor and a skill modifying factor. These factors can work to the advantage of your characters…or to their disadvantage.

Elemental modifiers

In this image below, we see the Shrine of Darkness Minor Elemental. 

LiteBringer: skill and element modifiers guide 1
Shrine of Darkness: bonus effective character power

Highlighted in the yellow circle is the ‘Effective Character Power‘. This number is a calculation of all modifying factors influencing your character’s base power level.

Darkness is weak against fire and this should be used to your advantage. Wearing fire-element equipment (shown below) will empower your character against the dark-element by five percent per fire-element item equipped. This can be calculated like so:

Character base power = 1,000.
5 percent bonus per item x 1 items = 1,050 effective character power.

LiteBringer: skill and element modifiers guide 2
10 fire-element items equipped for +/-50% modifier

The 50 percent bonus using fire-element items against the dark element also works in reverse for the water element. Using the same character and fire-element equipment against the Shrine of Water Minor Elemental instead shows a 50 percent drop in Effective Character Power. See below.

LiteBringer: skill and element modifiers guide 3
Shrine of water: reduced effective character power

What was once an Effective Character Power of 4,644 is now 1,548. This result drops the number of rounds possible from 99 rounds 99 blocks to a devastating 30 rounds 30 blocks (over a 60 percent drop). To ensure you set your characters on the right elemental course, hover your mouse over the portrait of the enemy to see a breakdown of multiple details.

LiteBringer: skill and element modifiers guide 4
Shrine of Water: total breakdown of elemental modifiers

In this more detailed window above we can see the enemy’s thunder sensitivity (weakness) and fire resistance (strength) element alongside the negative 50 percent reduction of the character’s base power. Because the character is wearing 10 fire-element items, the five percent resistance applies 10 times for a total of -50 percent to base power.

Skill modifiers

Now, here’s where it gets a little more complex. Re-read this section a couple of times if needed to absorb all the information covered.

To begin, let us discuss the picture below.

LiteBringer: skill and element modifiers guide 5

Each character starts with one skill (shown in the yellow circle) and can gain up to three more as evolve level two, three, and four are reached (underlined in green). The initial skill for each class counter as x1-effect at level one. As you progress through the game you will acquire ‘training scrolls’ which allow you to level up these skills for two specific benefits; increasing power and increasing effect multiplier.

As shown below, a skill at level two gains plus 100 power. At level three gains a further 100 power, and at level four attains an additional x1-effect for a total of x2-effect. This pattern continues upwards gaining power for two levels then a single bonus to the effect multiplier.

LiteBringer: skill and element modifiers guide 6

The bonus power effectively increases character base power, but the important aspect to be aware of is the effect multiplier. When sending your character on dungeon or boss quests (see below), skill multiplier factors come into play.

LiteBringer: skill and element modifiers guide 7

The Dungeon: Eldrtich Castle Spirit is weak against the blind effect gained from the innate rogue skill. This provides us with +75 bonus power for each blind effect multiplier. In the pictures below, the Tier II and Tier III dark-element bosses are shown with their breakdown of character total power.

LiteBringer: skill and element modifiers guide 8

Alongside the elemental modifier, the bosses also have the skill effect modifier(s).

A five percent bonus for wearing one fire-element item can be seen providing a +56 power bonus, but skill effect bonuses are also shown. As the rogue does not have the disarm effect provided by a skill or a level 15 item bonus, the Tier II boss Ctuul, the Seeking Shadow does not provide a skill effect +90 bonus. The Tier III boss Jaspox, on the other hand, provides a +180 power from the blind skill effect as it is weak against that particular skill and the silence skill.

You will also notice that with each Tier, the bonus from skill effect modifiers increases by +90 per tier. For example, +90 for Tier II, +180 for Tier III, +270 for Tier IV, and so on.

Skill effects from items

Besides gaining skills effects via character skills, the same effects can be gained via levelling up equipment to their max level of 15. As seen in the picture below, the level 15 Helmet of Disarming has unlocked the level 15 effect – disarm. Each item outlined in orange below is level 15 and has their skill effect unlocked which gives us a total of disarm x6-effect. This calculation is displayed on the total power breakdown of the Tier II thunder-element boss Gaxx, The Goblin Tinker in the bottom-right picture. As can be seen, the x6-effect provides a total of +540 power – enough to give a significant advantage over a boss.

LiteBringer: skill and element modifiers guide 9

When it comes to taking on higher tier levels, both element and skill effect modifiers need to be taken into account. If you focus on these aspects when shaping your characters towards a certain path, their journey becomes far easier.

Thanks for reading and quest on!

Special thanks to Constantin, Blangs, Cryptogaming, Ainz Ooal Gown, and the rest of the Discord LiteBringer community.

Joshua O'Sullivan

Joshua O'Sullivan

Joshua has been a professional writer, editor and proofreader for close to a decade. He has created books, resuscitated multiple patients and managed to survive multiple life threatening experiences. With these experiences, he is always willing to strive to the challenge of any opportunity presented.

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