LiteBringer: #1 character and item evolution guide


One of the most important aspects not yet covered by the foundational LiteBringer guide; the evolution guide! Today’s guide will explore the process of character and item evolution. We will cover how to obtain the resources required to evolve, what evolving actually does, and how evolution is vital to game progression.

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LiteBringer: character and item evolution

Evolving characters and items in LiteBringer allow players to progress towards higher tier bosses, develop their roster, and ultimately – earn better rewards.

Let us begin:

Character evolution

Initially, all characters start at evolve level zero – shown in the image below:

LiteBringer: #1 character and item evolution guide 1

Once a character reaches level 30, they can evolve. Each time they evolve, they gain 100 base power and increased power gain per level (roughly 10 percent).

After reaching evolve two, characters can learn additional skills that are fixed in place until evolve five. From that point, they can then swap out one skill per evolve level.

Initially, evolution requires 16 blue sky shards, but as the evolve level increases, as does the resource cost – shown below:

LiteBringer: #1 character and item evolution guide 2

This same pattern of evolution works similarly for item evolution:

LiteBringer: Item evolution

Initially, all items start at evolve level zero – shown in the image below in step one:

LiteBringer: #1 character and item evolution guide 3

We will break the item evolution explanation into four steps:

  • Step one – the item is evolve level zero with base power and level one.
  • Step two – the item is leveled up to level 15 and now requires 32 green sky shards to evolve.
  • Step three – the item is evolved to evolve one and is now reverted back down to level one.
  • Step four – the item is evolve level one and now level 15. It requires 64 green sky shards to progress to evolve level two.

Similar to character evolution, item evolving reduces the item’s level to one. As an item evolves, the requirement of elemental stones to return to level 15 increase by roughly 10 percent each time.

This process initially seems to lose power, but once leveled back to 15, the item is stronger. This difference can be seen by comparing step one + three, and step two + four.

With character and item evolution explained, let’s move on to acquiring blue and green sky shards:

LiteBringer: acquiring blue and green sky shards

Initially, once a character reaches level 30 or an item reaches level 15, two separate quests become available (shown below in the green and yellow outlines).

One quest provides 16 blue sky shards, while the other provides 32 green sky shards just enough to evolve a character or item for the first time.

Each quest can be completed once and cannot be repeated.

LiteBringer: #1 character and item evolution guide 4

Once a single character completes each of these quests, a third quest becomes available (shown above in the red outline). This quest provides a smaller output of both types of sky shards, but it can be repeated infinitely.

To elaborate further, the image below depicts the requirements for all three quests mentioned.

LiteBringer: #1 character and item evolution guide 5
  • Quest one – can be completed once and requires a character to be level 30 or evolve 1 to take on.
  • Quest two – can be completed once and requires a item level of 15 to take on.
  • Quest three – can be completed limitlessly, but only after completing quest one and two

Each of the first two quests provide a key after completion, which when used together by one character, unlock the third quest.

At times like these, games like LiteBringer can provide an escape from the madness of reality alongside a friendly community. For all your LiteBringer gameplay support, stick with Cryptopolitan; we won’t steer you wrong.

For another guide, keep tuned in for next week’s update!

As always, thanks for reading and quest on adventurers!

Special thanks to Constantin, Blangs and the Discord LiteBringer community

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