Why learn blockchain, Defi, and crypto technology at a top university?



  • Crypto, blockchain, and DeFi courses take over global university institutions
  • Benefits of studying fields related to the new financial era
  • Top Universities to study cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

The crypto industry is innovating at a breakneck pace, as are the industries that support it. The ecosystem is constantly changing, and those who want to stay ahead of the curve need to develop new skill sets and knowledge bases. Many university institutions have started offering courses on the topic to provide the necessary information.

What used to be considered fringe concepts and technologies are now mainstream. Students, professionals, and investors need at least a fundamental understanding of blockchain technology and crypto in order to stay afloat—or appear intelligent at cocktail hour. For example, understanding crypto and blockchains didn’t use to be necessary 10 or 20 years ago. However, now it’s an essential part of doing business.

Pros of studying crypto-related fields from a renowned university

The economic benefits you reap from studying cryptocurrency at the collegiate level will depend on the quality of the university you attend. Continue reading to learn why pursuing blockchain, Defi, and Crypto technology studies at only the most reputable universities is important.

  1. Your demand will be high

If you study defi at a top-rated university, you’ll be in high demand as a professional and certified blockchain developer. According to the latest job market trends, expertise in blockchain, DeFi, and crypto is one of the fastest-growing skill sets.

Many companies are currently discovering that it is difficult to locate experts versed in blockchain development. Thus, these businesses are willing to offer high salaries for this type of expertise.

  1. It’s a lucrative career

In addition to being high in demand, taking blockchain, DeFi, and Crypto courses at the university is significant since it can lead to a lucrative career. Therefore, developers tend to demand high payments. Based on some research conducted by professionals, a blockchain developer’s salary is approximately $103,548. That is, in most cases, the starting pay. However, you may command more than that with enough understanding and expertise.

  1. The advantage of being a digital nomad

With the proper skill set, you can work from anywhere in the world as a blockchain technician. Unlike many other professional options, employers in this field are often okay with employees working remotely. This allows you to work from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are located.

  1. You can work on various projects

Blockchain, Defi, NFTS, and crypto have a variety of projects you can work on. For example, you could work on a project to improve the reliability of supply chain management. Alternatively, some projects focus on developing a new website for online transactions. Additionally, you could use blockchain technology to create a new system for voting in elections.

  1. It creates a sense of belonging in the crypto community

Being a part of a supportive community is easy when you work in blockchain technology. In today’s climate, you will encounter all sorts of passionate and skilled individuals with the potential to change the world through this innovative technology.

If you’re searching for a good and interesting profession, learning defi at a prestigious University may be beneficial. Additionally, keep in mind that blockchain technology is the future.

University institutions venture into the crypto and blockchain industry

Now that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are some of the most popular buzzwords, they’re being integrated into curriculums at many renowned universities. If your primary incentive for working in crypto is financial, you may encounter difficulties. 

Due to its atypical nature, the crypto sector can be challenging to enter or maintain, especially if you don’t have a passion for Defi’s knowledge and interest.

That being said, if you’re interested in learning more about crypto and blockchain industries that are suffering from a significant talent shortage, here is a list of the top 10 best universities to study this fascinating new field that aims to revolutionize the world as we know it.

Top 10 University Institutions that have blockchain and crypto courses

1. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

2.     University of California Berkeley.

3.     University of Zurich.

4.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

5.     Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

6.     University College London (UCL)

7.     Tsinghua University.

8.     Chinese University of Hong Kong.

9.     Stanford University

10. University of Oxford



What degree is best for cryptocurrency?

Most companies offering a position as a cryptocurrency analyst require a bachelor’s degree in either business, finance, or a field related to blockchain technology or cryptocurrency.

Do universities teach blockchain? Cornell University does:

Cornell University offers the online Certificate in Blockchain Essentials program. Blockchain experts at Cornell Tech teach students the mechanics behind how cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, use blockchain technology in digital peer-to-peer transactions.

Where can I get a crypto education?

The best place to start might be to use the educational resources some crypto exchanges provide—such as Coinbase or Kraken. For a newbie who doesn’t know anything, just stick to the U.S. exchanges—they’ve got lots of materials available for you to learn from.

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