Labs Unveils Innovative Approach to Molecular Glue Discovery


  • AION Labs introduces TenAces for innovative healthcare molecular glue discovery.
  • TenAces uses machine learning to predict glues, revolutionizing drug development.
  • AION Labs remains committed to introducing TenAces to reshape protein degradation.

Israel-based venture studio AION Labs has recently unveiled its latest venture, TenAces Biosciences, poised to revolutionize molecular glue discovery through the power of machine learning. The groundbreaking initiative is backed by major pharmaceutical players, including AstraZeneca, Merck, Pfizer, Teva, Israel Biotech Fund, Amiti Ventures, and Amazon Web Services, in collaboration with Germany’s BioMed X.

Transformative technology for targeted protein degradation

AION Labs CEO, Mati Gill, highlighted the strategic decision to address a critical R&D challenge in the pharmaceutical industry through TenAces Biosciences. The startup, led by Dr. Arnout Schepers, aims to enhance the success rate of discovering treatments across various conditions. In contrast to the traditional serendipitous discovery of molecular glues, TenAces leverages machine learning to predict and design new molecular glues, potentially addressing the issue of undruggable target proteins, which constitute around 85% of the current challenge.

The announcement of TenAces Biosciences comes amidst challenging times for the region, particularly the aftermath of the October 7 Hamas massacre and the Israel-Hamas war. CEO Mati Gill emphasized AION Labs’ and its partners’ unwavering commitment to innovation and healthcare improvement, regardless of external challenges. The debut of TenAces Biosciences underscores their dedication to building and delivering startups for the betterment of healthcare.

Shaping the future of targeted protein degradation

Dr. Arnout Schepers, the CEO of TenAces, expressed the company’s focus on developing a novel solution for targeted protein degradation and designing molecular glues for the removal of disease-causing proteins. With the potential to address a wide range of diseases, TenAces’ approach is poised to change the landscape of targeted protein degradation, offering new avenues for effective therapies. The startup’s collaboration with pharma partners is expected to drive advancements not only in TenAces’ own drug pipeline but also in the broader pharmaceutical industry.

AION Labs CEO Mati Gill highlighted TenAces’ potential to identify asset candidates for new drug pipelines, marking a significant step towards overcoming the challenges posed by currently undruggable target proteins. The technology developed by TenAces not only benefits the startup but also provides a valuable tool for pharmaceutical partners to enhance their own development and drug pipeline programs.

Paving the way for innovation in healthcare

AION Labs’ introduction of TenAces Biosciences signifies a bold step towards innovation in the pharmaceutical sector. The application of machine learning in molecular glue discovery opens up possibilities for more targeted and effective therapies, addressing longstanding challenges in the field. The commitment of AION Labs and its partners to continue fostering startups, even in challenging times, underscores their dedication to advancing healthcare globally. TenAces Biosciences stands as a beacon of transformative technology, shaping the future of targeted protein degradation and drug discovery.

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