Kleiner Perkins VC Firm Discusses Overwhelming Influx of AI Investment Pitches


  • Kleiner Perkins VC firm gets 80% AI pitches, says AI’s like the internet in 1996 – a must-have for businesses.
  • They fund AI startups solving big problems, aiming to define new product categories, need data and distribution.
  • Meta’s CEO optimistic about AI investments, envisions world-class AI assistants for users, businesses, and developers.

Venture capital veterans Mamoon Hamid and Ilya Fushman, representing Kleiner Perkins, recently engaged in a candid TechCrunch interview where they shed light on the rapidly evolving investment landscape. The focus of their discussion revolved around the surge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) investment pitches that the firm has been encountering and the implications of AI’s pervasive presence in the tech sector.

Mamoon Hamid disclosed that AI pitches have taken the front seat, constituting more than 80% of the investment proposals received by Kleiner Perkins on a monthly basis. This staggering figure underscores the sheer dominance of AI-related ventures seeking funding. The VC firm’s experience mirrors the broader trend in the tech industry, where AI has become a ubiquitous and indispensable element of innovation.

Drawing parallels with the advent of the internet, Hamid emphasized the significance of AI in today’s tech landscape. He remarked that not mentioning or utilizing AI in business endeavors would be akin to neglecting the internet’s potential in 1996. In its various applications, AI has proven to be a game-changer with far-reaching implications across industries.

Solving complex problems and defining categories

Ilya Fushman expanded on the type of AI ventures that Kleiner Perkins tends to support. The firm looks for startups that tackle substantial problem spaces and can define entire product categories. Fushman cited the example of enterprise assistants, a vast and evolving sector within AI. Being among the first to innovate and define a category provides companies with a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market.

Fushman further elaborated on the challenges AI companies face. Unlike the mobile phone revolution, where distribution might have come relatively easily, AI ventures require extensive data and distribution channels. He emphasized that AI companies that are pioneers in defining a product category are positioned to progress at a faster pace than their competitors. This underscores the critical role of data and distribution in the AI ecosystem.

Meta’s optimistic AI investments

The interview coincides with the backdrop of significant AI investments by tech giants like Meta. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, expressed optimism during an earnings call regarding the company’s AI investments. Zuckerberg attributed their success to a leaner business model that has allowed Meta to focus on delivering world-class AI experiences to its users.

Zuckerberg’s vision extends to AI assistants available to all users of Meta’s messaging apps. He envisions a future where every creator can engage with an AI that serves their community, businesses can leverage AI for customer interactions and support, and developers have access to state-of-the-art open-source AI models for their projects. This ambition underscores the central role that AI is expected to play in Meta’s future.

Additionally, AI companies need to prioritize data and distribution, with first movers having a significant advantage in the market. Mark Zuckerberg’s optimistic outlook on Meta’s AI investments highlights the broader trend of major tech companies heavily investing in AI to enhance their products and services. As AI continues to evolve and expand its footprint, it remains a central focus of investment and innovation in the tech sector.

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