Jais to Empower Arabic’s Digital Future Through Generative AI


  • Jais: Empowering Arabic’s digital future through innovative AI technology.
  • Arabic language’s underrepresentation online hinders its global potential.
  • Jais LLM’s diverse dialect capabilities aim to strengthen education and translation services.

With its rich history and widespread significance, Arabic has long held a prominent place in the world. As one of the most widely spoken languages, it is a cornerstone of global cultural, religious, and diplomatic interactions. However, its representation in the digital realm has been disproportionately low, hindering its potential to flourish in the modern era. With the emergence of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology, there is renewed hope that Arabic’s online presence can be transformed. The development of the open-source bilingual Arabic-English large language model (LLM) named Jais holds promise in bridging this gap and securing the future of the Arabic language in the digital age.

The power and underrepresentation of Arabic Online

Arabic’s vast influence contrasts starkly with its limited representation on the internet. Despite being the fourth-most common language among internet users, Arabic content online accounts for less than 1% of the total. This gap is particularly notable given that Arabic boasts many native speakers and holds official status at the United Nations. The need to elevate Arabic’s online presence becomes increasingly evident in an era where digital interactions and communication dominate daily life.

Generative AI and the transformational potential

Generative AI technology, particularly large language models, has emerged as a digital game-changer. These models are trained on extensive datasets and can produce human-like text, speech, and images. As the online world becomes increasingly interconnected, the presence of languages in digital spaces becomes a significant consideration. The dominance of English in the realm of AI technology is a consequence of the abundance of training data available in that language. However, there is a growing race to ensure that other languages, including Arabic, are not left behind.

Jais: Elevating Arabic through AI Innovation

The recent introduction of Jais, an open-source bilingual Arabic-English LLM developed in the UAE, presents a promising solution to bolster Arabic’s digital presence. The collaborative effort of G42, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, and Cerebras Systems has yielded an LLM that is the most accurate Arabic LLM available. What sets Jais apart is its ability to operate across multiple Arabic dialects, a crucial skill given the diversity of linguistic variations.

Navigating the complexities of Arabic dialects

Arabic is often called a “macrolanguage” due to the extensive variations in dialects across regions. Jais’s capacity to generate content across these dialects, along with Modern Standard Arabic and English, is a significant step towards addressing this challenge. This capability holds immense potential in various domains, including enhancing translation services, strengthening Arabic education, and promoting digital adoption across the Arab world.

Overcoming challenges, limited data, and ambitious goals

While the potential of Jais is undeniable, it faces the hurdle of limited online Arabic training data. Andrew Jackson, CEO of the G42 unit involved in Jais’s development, highlights the team’s commitment to overcoming this obstacle. An initiative is underway to collect more Arabic data from offline sources, reflecting a proactive approach to expanding the training material for the LLM.

Envisioning a transformed future

The road to developing an Arabic LLM on par with English-language counterparts like ChatGPT is undoubtedly a monumental undertaking. The significance of the name “Jais,” derived from the UAE’s highest mountain, reflects the lofty goals associated with this initiative. If successful, Jais can potentially revolutionize life in the Arab world. It can secure a permanent place for one of humanity’s ancient languages in the digital landscape, ensuring its relevance and vitality for future generations.

The launch of Jais marks a significant milestone in the journey to elevate Arabic’s digital presence. As the world embraces the transformative potential of generative AI, Jais stands as a beacon of hope for preserving the cultural and linguistic heritage of the Arabic language. With its innovative approach, Jais addresses the complexities of Arabic dialects and paves the way for enhanced communication, education, and digital engagement across the Arab world. As efforts to expand training data progress and technology evolves, Jais could emerge as a transformative force, solidifying Arabic’s place in the digital future.

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