Jackers used third party app to get into Google twitter account

When Google gets jacked, that’s a huge news that turns many eyes to what is going on, but unfortunately, the publicity is never positive. This is the case with the recent Twitter hack that exploited Google Suite profile on the network to initiate a cryptocurrency scam.

The scam attempt however brief was successfully averted with no major losses reported, but the hackers did take away three things. One, Google’s integrity, number two, Twitter’s integrity and last and most importantly, in this case, trust on cryptocurrencies.

Yes, that’s how laymen think but how did the hackers get into a Google account when the company itself is famed for security and data protection. The answer is, Twitter’s network was exploited through a third-party application – unnamed for now – to get into the verified accounts. Even more interestingly it happened just after a major scam faked Elon Musk and a United States’ congressman, coincidence?

Well, so far we don’t have enough proof to point fingers and name some names but this is true that if Target and G Suite are not safe then really, who is safe in this world of hacks and cracks? We have witnessed more than four major cases in the month of November alone, and some cryptocurrency experts are claiming that the sudden 13% drop in the Bitcoin price may be related to the hacks.

A Twitter spokesperson has also confirmed that the hack was an exploit of a third party application. However, their choice not to unveil the name of the application is also worrisome for many users.