Lake Trade is the first 0x crypto-trading platform that allows frictionless transactions

A decentralized 0x platform is what every other miner is looking for, and Lake Trade addresses just the same issue. Crypto miners and traders often feel uncomfortable with the high fees and low-profit yields in the wake of a constant bearish market.

While the market is not improving any further, for now, traders are forced to keep their crypto assets out of the trading market in the hope of a better future. Those prefer not to keep the coins are looking for better options with low fees.

Keeping the high fee problem in mind the founders; Will Warren and Amir Bande Ali, decided to create this 0x platform for the traders. Whereas the founders would enjoy shared liquidity. The concept is simple; they are leveraging the Ethereum blockchain in order to create a platform for the future.

It is a win-win situation for everyone so to speak since the traders are not charged any fee while the platform receives shared liquidity from the network.

So far the platform has listed about thirty-two (32) tokens to chose from for the traders but the implications and ambition of a digital secure financial platform that is ahead of the current market and issues.

The hybrid approach of this decentralized platform allows building a new experience that allows users to start trading with their Ethereum wallet and a simple browser extension.

Although the platform claims to remain free for everyone the tools they are offering are where the company makes its money. The platform has not been able to receive heavy media attention but given the claims prove true it is expected to gain heavy traction in the future.