Most Important Blockchain Developer Skills to Have in 2022

The latest XcubeLabs infographic report reveals the most important blockchain development skills in 2020. Enterprise or an individual blockchain development master would have absolute dependence in order to compete in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

The infographic reveals that the National cryptocurrencies and wider adoption of blockchain in both government and private sectors. This would not only enable deeper integration of blockchain protocols but would also gear the blockchain integration in the internet of things (IoT) systems.

Blockchain development skills needed for 2020

The infographic has distributed the blockchain development into two major sections, i.e., the core development and the software development areas. Where a core developer is required to have ample command on the architecture of the system, consensus design, protocol designing, and network supervision.

While on the other hand, a blockchain software developer is required to possess another set of four major skills, including. This set includes smart contract development, frond end application, or the graphic user interface, full-stack supervision, and finally, some level of back end development.

If you are an individual blockchain developer, you would still require a somewhat hybrid set of four major skills. These skills include command of architecture, proficient command on the data structuring methods, impeccable understanding of the cryptography concept, and some command on the smart contract development.

Blockchain development job market expansion

The report furthers that the supply chain management had a 65.3 percent adaptability rate in the last five years. Whereas warranty claims had a 64.4 percent rate, provenance had a 63.9 percent rate; the financial transaction sector had a 63 percent rate, property ownership management had a 61.4 percent rate while almost 60 percent adaption rate was witnessed in various other industries.

blockchain development top use cases infographic

The United States is leading the blockchain revolution with a 39.7 percent share in the industry projects. Whereas, Western Europe is following closely with a 24.4 percent collective share in the global blockchain movement.

Moreover, China is quickly gaining speed as the third-largest contender so far, with an 11.2 percent share. Asia Pacific countries as a whole, besides China, of course, have an 8.1 percent share while Central and Eastern European countries following behind at 5.2 percent shares.

The rest of the world has a collective share of 11.4 percent in the industry projects. To sum it all up, blockchain is a global technology movement, and unlike IoT, it has far better reach across the globe, making it all the more important for blockchain developers to hone major skills required.

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