IDEX Price Prediction 2023-2032: How High Will IDEX Rise?

IDEX Price Prediction 2023-2032

The pace by which the crypto world grows is unpredictable, and several projects are looking better by offering investors more returns on their investments. One such project is IDEX, which provides much earning potential and allows traders to make easier and faster transactions. Look at IDEX Price Prediction and what’s on the table for investors.

This guide will critically study the basics of the IDEX network, historical price analysis, and developments. We will also look at IDEX price prediction for 2023 to 2032

How much is IDEX worth?

IDEX’s price was $0.04986 at press time, with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,530,449. IDEX is down 1.76% in the last 24 hours. The CoinMarketCap ranking was #453, with a live market cap of $33,735,450. It had a circulating supply of 673,858,614 IDEX coins.

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IDEX Price Analysis

TL; DR Breakdown:

  • IDEX is up 52.68% since it got featured in Coinmarketcap and down 33.12% over the previous year.
  •  IDEX has been continuously declining since May after it hit $0.13673. 

Bears dominated IDEX in the first half of 2023. The coin is down about 70% from its annual high. Will IDEX recover?

IDEX price analysis 1-day chart: IDEX extends losses

IDEX is up 52.68% since it got featured in Coinmarketcap and down 33.12% over the previous year. IDEX has been continuously declining since May after it hit $0.13673. In June, the decline accelerated following the SEC’s suit against Coinbase and Binance. The decline has, however, slowed in recent weeks.

The MACD indicator shows IDEX’s price momentum to the downside rose over the last four days. The William Alligator trendlines show IDEX decline accelerated in June but later recovered, extending brief gains into July. The trendlines now diverge, meaning rising price volatility. The Relative Strength Index is at 40.90, showing no sign of a reversal.

IDEX Price Analysis

IDEX Price Prediction 2023-2032

IDEX Price Prediction by Cryptopolitan

IDEX Price Prediction 2023-2032
YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

IDEX Price Prediction 2023

IDEX Price Prediction 2023

In our 2023 IDEX price prediction, we anticipate a minimum trading price of $0.061 and an average value of $0.064 for the token. With several scheduled ecosystem upgrades, we expect IDEX to experience a surge in value and reach a maximum price of $0.071.

IDEX Price Prediction 2024

According to our IDEX price prediction for 2024, we expect a minimum price of $0.088 and an average price of $0.091. However, If IDEX’s growth trajectory persists, we predict its value could reach as high as $0.11 at its peak.

IDEX Price Prediction 2025

According to our IDEX price prediction for 2025, the minimum price of IDEX will be $0.13, while the average price will be around $0.13. There is potential for significant growth in the value of IDEX during this period, with the token possibly reaching a maximum price of $0.15 by the end of 2025.

IDEX Price Prediction 2026

According to price prediction for 2026, we expect the minimum price of the coin to be $0.19 and an average predicted value of $0.19. We expect IDEX’s price to surge to a maximum of $0.22 by 2026.

IDEX Price Prediction 2027

Our IDEX price prediction for 2027 is a minimum value of $0.26 with an average trading price of $0.27. Based on the IDEX price prediction for 2027, the price could reach a maximum of $0.33 during the year.

IDEX Price Prediction 2028

Based on our IDEX price prediction for 2028, the IDEX token is anticipated to experience a bullish trend with a predicted floor price of $0.38 and an average trading value of $0.39. The highest possible price for 2028 is estimated to reach $0.45, reflecting a significant increase in the token’s valuation.

IDEX Price Prediction 2029

Our IDEX price prediction for 2029 suggests that the minimum price level could be $0.55. The IDEX token will experience significant growth, with a maximum potential price value of $0.66 and an average projected value of $0.57.

IDEX Price Prediction 2030

According to our IDEX price prediction for 2030, the cryptocurrency’s value may drop to a low of $0.76 by year-end. However, we expect the average trading price to be $0.78 and the maximum estimated price to reach as high as $0.95.

IDEX Price Prediction 2031

Based on our IDEX price prediction for 2031, the minimum price of IDEX will be approximately $1.11, while the average price will be around $1.15. The maximum estimated value for IDEX in 2031 will reach $1.34.

IDEX Price Prediction 2032

According to our IDEX price prediction for 2032, the IDEX coin will rise steadily. However, the minimum price of the coin will be $1.66. The average trading price is estimated at $1.72, indicating steady growth. The maximum estimated price for 2032 is $1.94, showing a potential surge in price.  

IDEX Price Predictions by WalletInvestor

Wallet Investor uses technical analysis to forecast various cryptocurrencies like IDEX. The platform indicates will fall from the current price. IDEX’s past performance index rating of D; adds that IDEX would make a bad one-year investment (market sentiment). The expected average price in 2024 will be $0.00777. IDEX’s return on investment (ROI) will be -84.48% in 2024. In 2025 the ROI will be -85.03%; in 2026, it will be -74.40%; in 2027, it will be -89.48%. According to the analysis, the IDEX market price is bearish over the entire period.

IDEX Price Predictions by CryptoPredictions

The site scans a coin’s exchange prices and other historical cryptocurrency market data and analyses it to provide IDEX forecast. Their IDEX price forecast for 2024 is $0.1046 in January and $0.1091 in December.

In 2025, IDEX will trade at an average price of $0.1111 in January and $0.1311 in December. In 2026, IDEX will sell at an average price of $0.1329 in January and $0.1510 in December.

IDEX Price Predictions by Digitalcoin Price

IDEX will be bullish from 2023 to 2032; the maximum IDEX value for the entire duration will be $0.97. In 2024 it will trade at a mean price of $0.12. It will reach a maximum price of $0.13 and a minimum of $0.11. In 2025, it will trade at a mean price of $0.17. It will reach a maximum price of $0.18 and a minimum of $0.15. In 2031 it will trade at a mean price of $0.72. It will reach a maximum price of $0.72 and a minimum of $0.69.

IDEX Predictions By Industry Experts

An honest analysis by Jerry Banfield shows IDEX is a low market cap token listed on multiple top exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase and boasts of a high social media following; however, it has its downsides; these include:

  • Unavailability for US citizens.
  • Highly centralization of tokens in the top 100 wallets. Collectively, they hold 96.50% of all IDEX in circulation.
  • Stiff competition from other DEXs like Uniswap.
  • Less than 100 transfers of the token a day.

Based on the analysis, he gives IDEX 2 stars, suggesting it is not a good investment, with a very slim possibility of ever registering a new ATH.

IDEX Overview

IDEX Price History

IDEX Price History

On August 6, 2020, IDEX announced raising $2.5m to rebuild a hybrid exchange for algorithmic traders. Following the announcement, IDEX opened the next day for $0.068 and a trading volume of $392,198. The coin then went on a bullish run over the next month and entered the $0.1 mark. A correction in September led to a bearish run for the next few months, and the coin reduced drastically over the next few months. IDEX closed the year at $0.034 and a crypto market cap of $20 million.

At the turn of 2021, the market cap was $18.67 million, and the coin opened with a trading price of $0.034. 2021 saw an upward trend in the IDEX coin and many crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, it took a while as the coin re-entered the $0.1 mark on March 10, 2021. From then onwards, it was a consistent rise until mid-May. The token declined from then, and just when people thought the coin would crash and liquidate, there was a recovery in July where the coin kept rising till it got its ATH on September 8, 2021, at $0.9745, with a trading volume of $1.63 billion and a market cap of $405.09 million. Since then, the coin has been on a steady decline. The coin hovered around the $0.2-$0.3 mark between October and December and closed the year at a trading price of $0.26 and a market cap of $162.48 million.

In 2022, the coin corrected to the $0.268 mark in February, after which it registered consistent losses. By December, it had fallen to $0.037. 2023 IDEX reported consistent profits until May when it rose from $0.03672 to a high of $0.1207. At press time, IDEX had lost 70% of this value. Users who bought IDEX at its launch in 2020, and held to date (press time), would have had a Return On Investment (ROI) of 52.83%. Users who bought at ATH would have an ROI of -94.88%.

Latest News: IDEX Unveils XCHAIN

IDEX has unveiled its latest update, XCHAIN, poised to revolutionize the decentralized trading landscape. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Polygon’s zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine), XCHAIN promises to bridge the gap between clunky DEXs and their more performant yet less secure centralized counterparts.

IDEX’s vision of merging the trading experience of centralized exchanges with the custody and security of DEXs takes a major leap forward with XCHAIN’s introduction. This strategic partnership with Polygon has enabled the development of a Layer 2 solution that offers enhanced security compared to the earlier Layer 3 focus while maintaining the highest performance levels and low transaction fees.

XCHAIN boasts a host of remarkable features designed to empower traders and elevate the user experience:

  1. Gas-Free Trading: With transaction costs reduced to a minimum, XCHAIN enables gas-free settlement, bringing cost parity with centralized exchanges.
  2. Unmatched Performance: Powered by a high-performance trading engine, XCHAIN offers millisecond latency and instant execution, offering traders an experience indistinguishable from centralized exchanges.
  3. dApp Integrations: Embracing decentralization, XCHAIN welcomes decentralized applications into its ecosystem, offering traders additional products and services beyond perpetual futures trading.
  4. Cross-Supernet Integrations: As part of Polygon’s Supernet ecosystem anchored by Ethereum’s security, XCHAIN seamlessly integrates with other Supernets, facilitating smooth transactions and interactions.

With XCHAIN’s launch, IDEX aims to rival centralized exchanges in terms of speed and cost while preserving the security benefits of decentralized trading. This marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi), propelling IDEX to the forefront of innovative trading platforms.

As of the announcement date (6 July 2023), XCHAIN’s Internal Testnet is live, marking significant progress toward bringing this revolutionary exchange to market. Traders can look forward to a seamless trading experience with up to 20x leverage on XCHAIN.

IDEX’s strategic move, powered by Polygon’s zkEVM, reaffirms the industry’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of decentralized trading, empowering users with enhanced trading options, reduced costs, and a secure environment on the ever-evolving landscape of DEXs.

More on IDEX

What is IDEX?

IDEX is a decentralized exchange, which means it is a peer-to-peer platform that crypto traders can use to make their transactions. IDEX is notable because it is the first type of hybrid liquidity decentralized exchange. It merges a high-performance order book and matching engine with Automated Market Making (AMM).

IDEX claims to be the first hybrid liquidity DEX that combines an order book model with an automated market maker. It blends the performance and features of a traditional order book model with the security and liquidity of an AMM. IDEX takes an innovative approach to decentralized exchanges by combining an off-chain trading engine with an on-chain trade settlement. Users benefit from that in several ways.

IDEX merges the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. It takes the characteristics of a conventional order book and joins it with that of an AMM; it allows investors to minimize their loss while trading by giving the finest spreads, eschewing failed transactions, and providing liquidity in real time. It is also possible to stake IDEX coins.

How IDEX works

A premier crypto-to-crypto trading platform that helps in peer-to-peer trading benefits, the IDEX Exchange platform uses smart contracts to update transactions on Ethereum, allowing account owners to update their balance online and securely. IDEX Exchange is available in most countries in the world.

IDEX enables traders to merge the speed of state channels with blockchain security by ensuring interaction between two different databases is synchronized; this produces a process known as state hop. IDEX allows instant and indefinite trades while dispatching allowed deals to the Ethereum network. The ecosystem then takes action on the values the moment they are gotten, ensuring that the IDEX smart contracts show all the transactions processed in the IDEX database.

IDEX functions as an order book exchange while the project combines elements of centralized and decentralized exchanges to facilitate greater speeds for executing transactions on the ledger.

Trading on IDEX is the same as completing and closing a transactional sale. A new channel hub is created when you make an IDEX deposit. The moment IDEX confirms the transaction, the off-chain state is updated, and the approved deals are simultaneously prepared to be sent to the Ethereum network so the IDEX contract can process them.

Traders can make many trades on the off-chain, as much as they want. But until all unresolved transactions are finalized, they cannot remove their funds. This plan shows the integrity of the blockchain while also securing your funds. It also allows for real-time transactions.


Looking at the technical analysis and price predictions, interested traders, investors, and analysts know what to expect from the market performances of the coin in the coming years. Although many people are slowly losing interest because of the rise of Uniswap, IDEX has a very strong potential to keep rising. Upcoming investors and traders should note that the constant price fluctuations are normal and don’t be discouraged from investing or trading with the coin.

Nothing doesn’t face problems; with that in mind, expect that IDEX prices will face problems down the line; if they are overcome, the coin will probably be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. 

Even if many people are losing interest because of other exchanges, there is a lot of potential for IDEX. For now, even if you do not plan for investment, monitor how the market is doing. Beginning in cryptocurrency, the market should remember that price variations are to be anticipated, so they shouldn’t give up on becoming involved.

Also, remember that the provided figures are based on the initial pricing analysis. So, do diligent research before investing.


How to buy an IDEX Coin?

To buy an IDEX coin, you have to first go through the list of markets where the IDEX price is listed, then set up an account. Complete KYC where necessary, and you are good to go.

Where to buy an IDEX coin?

You can sell/buy IDEX on Binance, Huobi Global, Mandala Exchange HitBTC, and Gate.io. You can check for more listed places on CoinMarketCap.

Will IDEX reach $1?

IDEX has every tendency to reach $1, but most probably in 2031. However, it is essential to do your own diligent research before you venture to invest in any cryptocurrency. 

Will IDEX surpass its ATH?

The current ATH of IDEX is $0.9745, and while we expect IDEX price to pass its ATH, we don’t expect it to be anytime soon. Our forecasts show that the coin will give its ATH in 2030.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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