HKVAC’s strategic rebalancing to reflect cryptocurrency market dynamics

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  • HKVAC astutely recalibrates its cryptocurrency indexes, featuring the addition of Hedera, Maker, and Quant, and the notable replacement of USDC with XRP.
  • Amidst tightening regulatory scrutiny globally, Hong Kong’s digital asset market remains vibrant and attractive, with HKVAC’s redefined indexes solidifying the region’s commitment.

On October 13, Hong Kong’s esteemed rating agency, HKVAC (Hong Kong Virtual Asset Classification), unveiled a pivotal recalibration of its key cryptocurrency indexes, reflecting the agility and nuanced understanding of the volatile digital asset market. By adding Hedera (HBAR), Maker (MKR), and Quant (QNT), and unexpectedly replacing USD Coin (USDC) with Ripple‘s XRP, HKVAC accentuates its strategic insight into market trends and the ever-shifting landscapes of digital currencies. The redefined indexes are scheduled to take effect from October 20, thereby culminating in a reimagined representation of the cryptocurrency sphere.

The ripple effect: XRP’s steady climb amidst legal strife

In an astute acknowledgment of XRP’s recent triumphs in the ongoing legal battle against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), HKVAC elevates the digital currency to its top five, alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Binance Coin. XRP’s recent legal stride, where Judge Torres denied the SEC’s motion for an interlocutory appeal, has not only fortified its standing within the cryptocurrency community but also underlined its potential stability and investment attractiveness, thus reflecting a promising prognostication for its future. 

By replacing the USDC with XRP in the HKVAC Cryptocurrency Global Large Top5 Index and the Equal Weight Index, the agency substantiates the currency’s escalating global repute and investment profile.

Spotlight on new entrants: Hedera, Maker, and Quant

Further enriching the crypto market’s profile, Hedera, Maker, and Quant are newly ensconced within HKVAC’s key indexes. Hedera heralded for its robust, secure, and rapid consensus algorithm, boasts burgeoning popularity among corporations and decentralized applications. Conversely, Maker, an eminent player within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere, leverages its widely utilized stablecoin, DAI, to establish its significant market presence. 

Quant, renowned for facilitating global connectivity among blockchains and networks without compromising on efficiency and interoperability, further diversifies the indexes. Together, these digital currencies, each with their distinctive technologies and innovative approaches, amplify the multifaceted nature of HKVAC’s recalibrated indexes.

Hong Kong’s Cryptocurrency Landscape: A Beacon Amidst Global Scrutiny

The recalibration of HKVAC’s indexes has not only captured the gaze of the global digital asset community but also echoed across Hong Kong’s institutional and retail cryptocurrency landscapes. Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, CEO of Binance, voiced his excitement and approval with a laconic yet potent, “HK moving forward.” 

As regulatory scrutiny intensifies across the global digital asset industry, Hong Kong has emerged as a potent nexus for crypto trading and investments, guided by adaptive regulatory frameworks and a steadfast commitment to sustaining a buoyant digital asset marketplace. Through HKVAC’s meticulous re-evaluation and strategic repositioning of cryptocurrencies within its indexes, it achieves not merely a reflection of the current market stature but also embarks on fortifying Hong Kong’s standing within the global digital asset environment. 

As we witness a continuous evolution in the global cryptocurrency market, characterized by rapid developments, technological advancements, and fluctuating regulatory frameworks, HKVAC’s recalibration of its key indexes underscores its adaptive, innovative, and strategic approach toward maintaining relevancy and accuracy within this vibrant and dynamic domain.


HKVAC, amidst the fluctuations and vicissitudes of the digital asset market, illustrates a compelling narrative of prudent adaptation, strategic foresight, and a nuanced understanding of global cryptocurrency trends. By embedding itself within the ever-evolving dynamics of the cryptocurrency market, the agency not only provides an accurate, transparent, and reliable reference for investors and market analysts but also spearheads Hong Kong’s vibrant and evolving digital asset marketplace into a future characterized by innovation, stability, and growth.

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