Harmony ONE Price Prediction 2022-2025: Can ONE ?

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Harmony ($ONE) started the year 2022 by advancing the Web3.0 development of the Harmony ecosystem. To do that, a partnership was announced with 4everland on January 4, 2022. With the announcement, Harmony front-end developers will be able to deploy on IFPS via 4everland hosting services.

Another development to start the year was DefiKingdoms, a decentralized app in the Harmony One ecosystem leading the top blockchain games on DappRadar.

Harmony One is keying into market potentials and key trends. The likes of DeFi, NFT, bridges are all discussed together with web3 economy and infrastructure.

As a crypto trader, you are teetering on the edge of uncertainty; this is why we are putting out this guide to help you evaluate coins for your investment portfolio. But first, let’s know more about Harmony (ONE). A friendly reminder, if you’re interested in a particular cryptocurrency, do your research and be open-minded.

Today’s Harmony price is $0.047676 with a 24-hour trading volume of $54,679,367. Harmony is up 0.78% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #84, with a live market cap of $575,311,917. It has a circulating supply of 12,067,188,653 ONE coins and the max. supply is not available.

What is Harmony (ONE)?

Harmony (ONE) is a decentralized blockchain platform created to bridge the gap between scalability and decentralization. The cryptocurrency development focused on sharing data and creating marketplaces of any fungible token and non-fungible assets. Harmony ONE might be the cryptocurrency for Millenials after solving the delicate balance of decentralization and scalability. Harmony proposes the following:

  • Remove the barriers that prevent cryptocurrencies from being real digital money; which majorly is all about the scaling problem faced by coins like Bitcoin. The increased popularity bitcoin faced brought about a cost increase in how the payment system is used. This problem is solved by implementing a deep sharding protocol covering transaction validation, network communication, and blockchain.
  • Set Harmony apart from other blockchain solutions by getting a transaction throughput that is greater than before, which forces the blockchain solutions to achieve performance gains by sacrificing other features;

After having a look at what the aims and objectives of the harmony project are, let us take a look at some characteristics of harmony cryptocurrency;

  • One important characteristic of Harmony ONE is its scalability. 
  • Harmony’s sharding system is highly dependable; this is because of its distributed randomness generation (DRG) infrastructure, which is scalable, verifiable, and not biased. 
  • Harmony is related to Proof-of-stake making it energy efficient and dependable. Also, the Consensus has a linearly scalable BFT approach which is a hundred times faster than PBFTs.
  • Harmony (ONE) has an adaptive thresholded Proof-of-Stake system. 
  • Harmony supports dependable cross-shard contracts that can completely communicate directly with each other.
  • Harmony also supports a scalable networking infrastructure.

Harmony (One) ensures the crypto space has a dependable blockchain system to boost its protocol and network layers. Harmony (ONE) also allows systems that were not viable on blockchain before, including high-volume decentralized exchanges, interactive fair games, visa-scale payment processes, and IoT transactions. All things considered; Harmony aims at creating an appropriate environment.

You have learned about basically everything about Harmony. How beneficial will the token be now and in the future? Let us check out the harmony price analysis and price prediction together.

Harmony Overview

Harmony Overview
CoinSymbolPriceMarketcapChangeLast 24hSupplyVolume (24h)
ONE$ 0.047555$ 573.86 M0.20%12.07 B$ 49.76 M

Harmony Technical Analysis

Harmony has been on a downward trend since February 2022. The drop has been aggravated by the move of investors from risky assets. The recent fall of Luna impacted the entire cryptocurrency market making it highly volatile.

Harmony price has been rather stable this week trading at about $0.0485. The 14 days RSI indicates no signs of price reversals while the MACD strategy indicates decreasing momentum on the upside. At this position, it’s difficult to tell the next price action, and prudent to wait and see how the market plays out.  Cryptocurrencies however remain a highly volatile and risky asset class.

Harmony technical analysis

Harmony One Price Prediction 2022 – 2030

Wallet investor

Wallet investor rates Harmony’s historical index a ‘C’. It however makes an awesome 1-year investment with the price reaching $0.2042 in May 2023. The price forecast in May is rather gloomy with the price falling from $0.050403 to $0.01071 towards the end of the month. In 2 years – May 2024 Harmony is forecast to grow by 633.5%. Gala will then continue trading in bull markets until 2027 when the return on investment will be 1422.26%. $100 invested in Harmony today will earn you $13.22 in 5 years making it a good long-term investment.

Trading Beasts

Trading beasts combine linear and polynomial regressions on historical data to foretell cryptocurrency prices. Harmony’s price forecast is set to drop in the second half of 2022 with the price reaching $0.0735 in December from $0.0765. The trend will continue until September 2023. 2023 average price will range between $0.0796 and $0.0565. In 2024, Harmony will be bullish trading at $0.083 in January and $0.109 in December. In 2025, price growth will be slow ranging between $0.10 and $0.11. One token is a profitable investment long term with few losses in the short term.

Digitalcoin Price

Harmony cryptocurrency traded above $0.24 in January before it proceeded on a downward trend in the first half of 2022 dropping by over 600%. In the second half, the average price is predicted to stagnate to an average trading price of $0.065 before rising to $0.0673 in 2023.  Harmony has a  bright future with prices rising every year. Harmony price will reach $0.1 in 2027 and $0.2 in 2030. As a result of the slow development, it is prudent to note it will take Harmony over 10 years to get back to its all-time high of $0.3798. A $100 investment in One token today will have a profit of 100% in 5 years. 


Cryptopolitan price prediction graph 2022 - 2030
Cryptopolitan price prediction 2022 - 2030

Harmony Price Prediction 2022

Harmony One price prediction for 2022 is $0.05.  Blue metaverse, social NFT wallet, Bitcoin/Ethereum bridge, and OpenSea cross-chain came through in the first half of 2022. Terra/Polygon bridge and cross-shard transactions are coming into the second half. That’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes so buy Harmony. Harmony will sell between $0.056 and $0.048.

Harmony Price Prediction 2023

Harmony One price prediction for 2023 is $0.072. In 2023 Harmony will have zkEVM bridges and 100K scholars. Cosmos/Polkadot bridges and zKSyncs will be in operation.  While the terminologies might be difficult, these features will increase the utility of Harmony immensely.  

Harmony Price Prediction 2024

Harmony One price prediction for 2024 is $0.10. Return on investment in 2024 will be 100% with Harmony reaching a maximum price of $0.12. According to Harmony’s roadmap, the devs will be working on stateless clients and anti-collusion funding.

Harmony Price Prediction 2025

Harmony One price prediction for 2025 is $0.15. Over the entire period of Harmony, one has committed $1M for every hackathon, incentivised learning and over $300M in bounties. Harmony is committed to attracting developers to build on the Harmony blockchain. The investment will pay off with time. During the period Harmony’s price will range between a maximum price of $0.18 and a minimum price of $0.14.

Harmony Price Prediction 2026

Harmony One price prediction for 2026 is $0.21.  Harmony will rise 50% in 2026. With a solid blockchain with multiple use cases, Harmony digital coin will attract new users, developers and artists. Applications will range from decentralized applications, NFTs, blockchain gaming, Esports and metaverse. Harmony will trade in bull markets throughout the year with prices between $0.25 and $0.20.

Harmony Price Prediction 2027

Harmony One price prediction for 2027 is $0.30. Crypto regulation and acceptance in more jurisdictions will attract more institutional investors. Harmony will provide cornerstone industries with the ecosystem needed as they dare change how they interact with their consumers. Harmony price forecast in 2027 is between $0.35 and $0.29.

Harmony Price Prediction 2028

Harmony One price prediction for 2028 is $0.45. Harmony network price rally will continue eventually reaching and passing its all-time high set at $0.379.  Harmony will break and set a new support level this time with a solid project rather than mere crypto market speculation. Harmony’s forecast price will range between $0.44 and $0.52.

Harmony Price Prediction 2029

Harmony One price prediction for 2029 is $0.67. Harmony has a bright future in terms of deploying a reliable blockchain. New innovations and developments in the future will result in near zero-cost transactions, fast settlement, and zero-emission, all the while incentivizing the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Harmony will trade between $0.77 and $0.66.

Harmony Price Prediction 2030

Harmony One price prediction for 2030 is $0.97. As we stake stock in 2030, Harmony will merely break the $1 mark. Developments and team input will determine whether the blockchain breaks and makes it. Any major bugs, such as the one on Terra in 2022 will see Harmony crash wiping a major percentage of its valuation. Price action in 2030 will average $0.94 and $1.14.

Harmony One Price Prediction by Industry Influencers

The Terra ecosystem went down just when Harmony developers were working on creating a bridge to the network. Papi Abilla, a regular contributor on Harmony, was eager to invite Terra founders into Harmony. This was on the condition of having Terra redeployed on Harmony

Harmony blockchain is providing seamless interactions for game developers, below is a short clip from rocket monsters universe, a play-to-earn game built on Unreal Engine 5.


Harmony has invested heavily in its blockchain with high incentives for developers on the blockchain. Harmony is setting a pace revolutionizing the way they conduct business by ensuring equality and trust in a world filled with inequalities.

With Harmony One you can also earn compound interest by staking for over 10% and compounding your rewards. The project is also currently working on getting the rewards up to 20%.

Harmony One has a 300 million grant program that is accelerating development in our ecosystem and we just secured a partnership with AAVE and are close to finishing a vote to secure a partnership with CURVE. Curve and AAVE have the 2 highest total values locked in the crypto space. Combine that with our Bitcoin bridge that’s launching soon, and you have even more liquidity that can flow into the Harmony ecosystem to take advantage of DeFi products. 

The developments will bear fruit in the long term as more use cases continue to emerge in the blockchain space. Harmony is already invested in the metaverse, NFTs, and gaming sectors.

Harmony forecast is nearly stagnant in 2022 after the huge drop from $0.3689 in January. One coin will then pick positive momentum from 2023.

A $100 investment today will earn you $100 in 2024. This is not investment advice, do your own research.

FAQS about Harmony 

Is Harmony a profitable Investment?

Yes. Harmony is forecast to double in value in 2 years.

Where can I buy Harmony?

Cryptocurrency exchanges that support Harmony include Huobi global, Ku Coin and Binance.

Which wallet can I use to store Harmony?

Trust wallet, a safe cryptocurrency custodial wallet.

What will be the price of Harmony in 2025?

Harmony forecast for 2025 is $ 0.15

What will be the price of Harmony in 2030?

Harmony forecast for 2030 is $0.97.

What are the transaction fees on the Harmony blockchain?

The average transaction fee on the Harmony blockchain is $0.0001.

How long do transactions take on Harmony Blockchain?

Transactions take about 2.02s with finality.

When will Harmony reach $1?

Harmony will reach $1 for the first time in 2030.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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