Forward Protocol Founders Reveal All in AMA

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Mitch Ranking and Mr KEY, the Co-Founders of Forward Protocol, went on a live session of the project’s milestones.
  • More than 100,000 people support Forward Protocol on all of their social media channels.
  • Forward Protocol plays a similar role like WordPress with Web 3.0, a drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Gasless transactions and other developments happen as #Forward progresses further with partners.

An AMA (Ask Me Anything) is an online Q&A session where members of a community ask a guest (or guests) questions. Any community can host an AMA but what happened on 17th December 2021 was earthshaking for three solid hours of no-holds-barred information. The crowd turnout on the Forward Protocol Founders’ AMA was as expected, everyone making sure to take the “front seat” with questions ready.

The recent talk of the town is Forward Protocol, so you can see that anyone would jump at the chance of asking questions on precisely how ideas are brought to life through the speed and security that blockchain technology without having any technical knowledge.

Right on the heels of the Forward Protocol launching its SHO and IBO on MahaDao & DaoMaker, the Co-Founders of this project went live on the community’s Telegram group. They held a three-hour-long session, where they discussed the various solutions that Forward Protocol has to offer to the public regarding blockchain technology adoption.

In this article, we will look at the main points of the AMA session and break it all down to better understand.

The Initial Vision

The original idea of Forward Protocol started back in 2018. The founders, Mitch Rankin and Karnika E. Yashwant (aka Mr KEY) revealed a business model that could impact the lives of 2 billion people. Mitch had already been researching this when the blockchain innovator and influencer, Mr KEY, grabbed his attention.

They both saw a problem that required a solution, bringing English learning resources to 2 billion people online in the fastest and easiest way possible. Blockchain adoption allows individual startups to thrive but leaves others off due to the steep learning curve. So, why not build a platform that brings communities in a business-to-business (B2B) model altogether to fast-track and monetizes blockchain adoption?

The Community Support

In the world of blockchain, people will only support your vision if you bring some value to them; that’s different from what’s already in the market, which is profit-motivated. And that is what Forward Protocol has done. This project lets people build their projects in Web 3.0 using just drag and drop.

From that vision, skilled people joined together to get Forward Protocol off the ground. Word got out, and now Forward is looking at a community of more than 100,000 people on social media platforms. Speaking of which, you can follow Forward Protocol only on these official social media channels:

WordPress For Web 3.0

Now, everyone knows what WordPress is. You can get a website on WordPress without having any technical knowledge. You buy the domain, select a template or build your website using drag and drop and you’re ready to go live. Now, imagine the same thing, but for blockchain.  Imagine connecting to the whole web environment without coding and using everything on your terms. 

You decide how to use the smart contracts, decide your website’s policies, and you’re in charge of your sales. Imagine now having to use any third parties for transactions and just by selecting the template that suits your needs or building your template with a simple drag and drop. That’s basically what Forward Protocol is offering in simple terms, and that is why it is being labeled as the WordPress of Web 3.0.

Do you have an enterprise that you want to bring up a level higher to benefit more people without geographic boundaries? Please bring it to life without jumping all these loops that entrepreneurs have to jump through with requirements, policies, and paperwork nowadays. Any entrepreneur would be willing to apportion a part of their budget layout in buying $Forward tokens to support the #Forward Ecosystem. See more of the B2B business model here.

Forward is a mission to bring blockchain adoption to the world, make things simple, make things accessible, the end goal is to impact a billion lives.

Karnika E Yashwant (aka Mr KEY)

Gasless Transactions

One of the core things #Forward is trying to achieve is gasless transactions. Unless a platform is gasless, it will be hard for everyone to use it. With Forward, since the user operates the platform directly to benefit their idea, they don’t have to pay any gas.

And for the end customer who wants to come to an eCommerce store version for Web 3.0, they are the ones as a community that help with the processing of gas fees with the platform they’re using. This is the first time this idea is being thrown around, and if Forward Protocol is achieving it, they will make it far. Mitch and Key were very optimistic about this during the whole session.

The Future Vision

A future vision for Forward Protocol would be to have millions of people using it. In ten years, seeing eCommerce stores along with search engines, music streaming websites, gaming websites, NFT stores, and more, all in one platform.

So, what starts as a WordPress for Web 3.0 becomes a joint venture for all of the different industries and interests people have.

You can check out the recorded video of the session right here:

AMA session with Forward Protocol’s Founders.

But the current clamor of the community is, we want to participate! The recurrent question among Telegram community members: When is the Token Generation Event (TGE)? Watch out for the announcement soon through our bonafide channels!

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