Allegations of Rampant Match-Fixing Rock Chinese Dota 2: Doodle Speaks Out

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  • Chinese Dota 2 pro-Doodle raises the alarm, claiming over 50% of players in DPC CN 2023 Tour 3 might be involved in match-fixing.
  • Valve takes tough action, banning 47 players and the entire team Knights due to match-fixing allegations during the Lima Major.
  • The Dota 2 community anxiously awaits Valve’s response as concerns over match-fixing jeopardize competitive integrity.

Chinese Dota 2 professional Lin “Doodle” Zikai has recently raised alarming concerns about the integrity of the DPC CN 2023 Tour 3: Division II tournament. Doodle, known for his clean record in the professional scene, has publicly disclosed that he believes over 50% of the players participating in this tournament may be involved in match-fixing activities. These startling allegations were made through the CN Dota In A Nutshell Twitter page, a prominent source of Chinese Dota 2 coverage, shedding light on a deeply troubling issue plaguing the country’s professional Dota 2 scene.

Shining a light on match-fixing allegations

Doodle did not mince words when he stated that several Division 2 DPC players implicated in match-fixing have managed to evade bans. He emphasized that his own unblemished track record gave him the courage to speak out about this issue. During the first tour of China’s DPC Division II earlier this year, Doodle revealed that he had been approached by multiple individuals offering substantial sums of money, ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 RMB, in exchange for participating in match-fixing schemes. He firmly rejected these offers, considering them unethical ways to earn money.

Initially, Doodle had contemplated reporting these individuals to Perfect World, Valve’s official partner in China, but the lack of concrete evidence forced him to abandon this course of action. Doodle pointed out that Perfect World has previously grappled with similar issues and cited the absence of compelling evidence as a hindrance to the organization’s ability to impose bans on those involved.

As of now, there has been no official response from Valve, the creators of Dota 2, regarding these grave accusations. This situation has the potential to ignite a substantial scandal, casting a shadow of suspicion over the Dota Pro Circuit, which Valve has decided to discontinue in the upcoming season. Earlier this year, Valve took decisive action by imposing bans on more than 40 professional players from China and Southeast Asia due to cheating and match-fixing during the Winter Tour. Additionally, five teams had their participation in the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit revoked.

A game-changing ban wave

This wave of bans sent shockwaves through the Chinese Dota scene, catching the global Dota 2 community off guard. The official Dota 2 Weibo account shared the ban announcement on March 9, 2023, which encompassed a total of 47 bans, including every member of the Dota 2 team Knights who had previously qualified for the Lima Major. This sweeping decision marked one of the most significant ban waves ever witnessed in competitive Dota 2.

Valve’s thorough investigation revealed that the Knights had been involved in match-fixing activities during the Lima Major. One of the suspicious matches involved the Knights facing Entity, a formidable European team that eventually secured fifth place in the tournament. Entity convincingly won the series with back-to-back victories in under an hour, raising suspicions of match-fixing. Notably, former OG analyst Vladislav “Kozak” Lazurenko was among the first to voice these allegations. Subsequent investigations unearthed compelling evidence that substantiated the match-fixing claims.

In light of these developments, the Knights have been banned from competitive play until at least 2024. The severity of the ban underscores Valve’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of competitive Dota 2. Match-fixing allegations have long plagued the esports world, tarnishing the reputation of the sport and undermining the trust of fans and sponsors alike.

Doodle’s courageous stand against match-fixing and his revelations about the prevalence of this issue within the Chinese Dota 2 scene highlights the urgent need for comprehensive measures to combat such activities. With no official response from Valve thus far, the esports community eagerly awaits further developments in this unfolding saga. As the Dota Pro Circuit faces uncertainty in the upcoming season, it remains to be seen how the competitive Dota 2 landscape will evolve and whether steps will be taken to eradicate match-fixing and ensure the fair and honorable competition that fans and players deserve.

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