EOS Price Analysis 14 May 2019: Bullish run for the long-term

The EOS team is currently working on new features to add to their platform, but that is just expectations from an already speculative market view. The team was rumored to have started developing their Resource Exchange. The feature will allow voting to be a lot more diverse and proportional among the stakeholders, as well as provide leasing mechanisms for the coin.

This information was particularly good for EOS as it saw one of the best growths among the top 10 today, falling behind XRP of course. But overall the increase was promising and due to the fact that even more features are being developed as we speak, the bullish trend is expected to continue by the end of 2019.

EOS Chart

EOS chart by TradingView

Yesterday, the coin was worth around $5.25 before the markets closed and today it managed to jump up to $6.1 for a brief time but fell back to $5.8 shortly after. Such a rapid fall was indeed not expected, but natural for the growing speculative investor sentiment.

Despite all of the fluctuation happening for EOS, the team is still optimistic that they can push the coin towards glory and maybe even achieve their all-time high back at the beginning of 2018. As crazy as it may sound the coins has the potential to do so, with all of the new features being added nearly every month. However, another new feature is in development which will present a platform with 4% inflation.

The team is promising that the coin might even find a new all-time high pricing at $30, but that is very unlikely. What’s to be expected is a bullish trend continuing by the end of 2019, maybe surpassing the previous all-time high of $21.3, but a further push is not likely.