EOS longterm price analysis for 2019

EOS is a blockchain based decentralized system and is launched in the mid-2017. Any prediction regarding the price of EOS is uncertain as the price analysis shows continuous fluctuation.

The analysis revealed that the decline in the price of EOS can close on three and a half dollars ($3.5) mark or even lower than that and the rise of EOS can go up to six and a half dollars ($6.5) mark.

For the past whole week, EOS has been under immense selling pressure and its value is depreciating continuously.

An average of 50 days trading shows that the price of EOS was close to four and a half dollars ($4.5) which is quite low; previously it was five and a half dollars ($5.5) but later it dropped down to four and a half dollars ($4.5).

The trading chart of EOS has shown that the current range of EOS is between five and six dollars ($5 – $6) point.

EOS longterm price analysis for 2019 2
EOS Chart by TradingView

The average of 14 days analysis shows that EOS fails to impress and the momentum indicator that compares the closing price to the range of prices over a certain period of time estimated that the EOS is in oversold zone and the movement of EOS price over a well-defined pattern predicted the range closer to twenty dollars ($20).

So, the gain can lie in the range of six and a half dollars ($6.5) and the loss in the range of four and a half dollars ($4.5).

The estimation of accumulation ranges are between six and a half to seven and a half dollars ($6.5, $7, $7.5) and the distribution patterns are speculated to be in the ranges of three to four dollars ($4, $3.5, $3).

The Fluctuations in the prices of cryptocurrency is not a new phenomenon and therefore, no one can make any prediction or speculation perfectly.