Entrepreneurs Encourage AI Integration to Propel Pakistani Businesses


  • Pakistan’s entrepreneurs urged to embrace AI for industry transformation.
  • The “+92Disrupt” conference emphasizes resilience and sustainable business models.
  • The younger generation’s potential to drive Pakistan’s success on the global stage.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders, along with academics, gathered at the “+92Disrupt” conference organized by Katalyst Labs to emphasize the importance of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into local industries in Pakistan. The event aimed to inspire and motivate the startup community by showcasing success stories and discussing the transformative potential of AI in the country’s business landscape.

Overcoming challenges with AI

During the conference, speakers encouraged young entrepreneurs not to be deterred by challenges but instead to view them as opportunities for growth. They invoked a famous Urdu couplet to inspire resilience, emphasizing that adversity can often lead to greater achievements. The conference highlighted that businesses experience both successes and failures, but the key is to persevere and work towards a brighter future.

AI’s role in industry transformation

Anzar, the Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning at Habib University, stressed that AI is set to play a significant role in transforming industries in Pakistan. He noted that multinational companies are already well aware of the benefits of AI and predicted that it would become pervasive across various sectors in the coming months. Anzar highlighted that industrialists should not only become users of AI but also actively participate in its development.

AI for process automation and research

AI’s potential in facilitating faster process automation in industries was a central theme at the conference. Speakers pointed out that AI can streamline processes, enhance research capabilities, and contribute to the success of new products. It was emphasized that AI can be a valuable tool for companies to deploy digital solutions for capacity development and even rebrand themselves effectively.

Sustainability and all-weather businesses

Amir Paracha, Chairman and CEO of Unilever Pakistan Limited, encouraged young entrepreneurs to stay in Pakistan and contribute to its growth. He urged companies to create plans to gradually raise wages, emphasizing that low wages are commercial issues. Paracha stressed the need for startup communities to develop sustainable business models that can withstand global crises, ensuring that businesses remain resilient in challenging times.

The next generation’s potential

Jehan Ara, Founder and CEO of Katalyst Labs, expressed optimism about the younger generation’s capabilities and their contributions to Pakistan’s success on the global stage. She highlighted that the new generation has access to extensive resources and networks, allowing them to make significant strides in various industries. Ara praised the younger generation’s compassion and willingness to help those less privileged, emphasizing their potential to bring positive change to the country.

Inspiring success stories”

Babar Ahmed, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindstorm Studios, emphasized the importance of conferences like “+92Disrupt” in inspiring individuals and sharing success stories. He noted that despite the challenges Pakistan faces, success stories should be highlighted to motivate and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. Ahmed also highlighted the rapid growth of the video games industry in Pakistan and encouraged support for individuals working on a smaller scale, as they can contribute to industry growth and the nation’s prosperity.

A bright future with AI integration

The “+92Disrupt” conference underscored the transformative potential of AI for Pakistani businesses. Entrepreneurs and business leaders encouraged the integration of AI across industries and highlighted the importance of perseverance, sustainability, and mentoring in the startup ecosystem. With the younger generation’s determination and access to global resources, there is optimism about a brighter future for Pakistan’s business landscape through AI integration and innovation.

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