Electronic Arts Sports Strikes Deals with Thousands of College Athletes


  • EA offers $600 to thousands of college football players for appearing in new video games.
  • Players can choose to be in the game and get paid yearly.
  • College Football Players Association wants fairer pay for athletes compared to NFL players.

Electronic Arts, known for gaming hits like Madden and FIFA, is shaking up college football gaming with its latest move. In anticipation of the launch of Electronic Arts Sports College Football 25, the company offers $600 to over 11,000 college football players to feature in the game. This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant departure from traditional compensation practices in the industry, promising players a unique opportunity to be part of the gaming experience. 

With this bold step, Electronic Arts is redefining the relationship between collegiate athletes and video game developers and setting a new standard for fair compensation in the gaming world.

Electronic Arts has commenced negotiations for contracts with 134 schools in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, as reported by ESPN. This initiative is a pivotal step in developing Electronic Arts Sports College Football 25, enabling up to 85 players from each school to feature in the highly anticipated video game. 

The negotiations underscore EA’s commitment to inclusivity and authenticity as they strive to represent the breadth and depth of collegiate football talent accurately. By engaging with such a wide array of schools, Electronic Arts aims to create an immersive gaming experience that resonates with fans and players alike. 

This strategic approach enhances the game’s realism and fosters stronger connections between players, schools, and the gaming community. As negotiations progress, stakeholders anticipate the final roster of schools and players to be featured in Electronic arts Sports College Football 25.

Electronic Arts financial commitment to players

Players who are presented with contracts can opt-in or opt-out regarding using their name, image, and likeness in the game. Those who decide to participate will receive annual compensation, while those who choose not to participate will still receive compensation as long as they remain on the roster.

This moment signifies a significant milestone for college athletes, marking the first time they are reimbursed for their likeness to be featured in a video game. Previously, NCAA regulations barred athletes from receiving any compensation for their image or name in gaming contexts. However, enacting a California law in 2019 paved the way for this transformative shift.

Before the College Football series relaunch, Electronic Arts earmarked $5 million to compensate players showcased in the game. Each player received an allocation of approximately $500 from this fund. Nevertheless, this recent development offers Electronic Arts a more substantial direct payment of $600 per player.

EA’s response to CFBPA’s concerns 

The College Football Players Association (CFBPA) has been actively addressing the compensation disparities within college football gaming. Last year, the association took a decisive stand by organizing a boycott, citing the perceived inadequacy of player payments.

Justin Falcinelli, serving as the vice president of the CFBPA, vehemently criticized the initial payment offering of $500 per player, labeling it as a “ridiculously low amount of money.” Falcinelli drew attention to the glaring pay gap between college athletes and their NFL counterparts, who receive substantially higher compensation for their appearances in EA’s Madden series. 

The CFBPA’s advocacy underscores the pressing need for fair and equitable compensation practices within collegiate gaming initiatives.

As negotiations between Electronic Arts and college athletes continue, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the release of EA Sports College Football 25. With the promise of fair compensation for players, the game is poised to impact the sports gaming landscape significantly.

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