Deep Genomics to Showcase Cutting-Edge AI Technology at 2023 Elevate Festival

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  • Deep Genomics at 2023 Elevate Festival: Unveiling AI’s Impact on Drug Discovery and RNA Therapeutics. 
  • “BigRNA” Innovation: Deep Genomics sets the stage for a revolution in RNA therapeutics with AI-driven insights. 
  • Elevate Festival hosts Deep Genomics: Showcasing AI’s potential to transform healthcare and drug development.

Toronto, September 20, 2023 – Deep Genomics, a pioneering AI-driven drug development company focused on unlocking the secrets of biology to craft life-altering medicines, is set to make a significant appearance at the 2023 Elevate Festival in Toronto. Dr. Brendan Frey, the company’s Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, will deliver a keynote presentation titled “Beacons of Hope: AI in Medicine” on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, at 6:35 PM EST.

The power of AI in drug discovery

Dr. Brendan Frey, a prominent figure in the field of AI, is renowned for his role in pioneering deep learning algorithms. These algorithms have played a pivotal role in advancing the capabilities of AI, influencing thousands of products worldwide. His talk at the Elevate Festival will shed light on recent breakthroughs in AI and deep learning, particularly in the context of drug discovery.

Transforming RNA therapeutics

One of the key highlights of Dr. Frey’s presentation will be the promising role of AI in the realm of RNA therapeutics. He will discuss how AI can accurately predict how patients’ genetics can impact gene expression negatively and how molecules can offer therapeutic benefits. Moreover, Dr. Frey will introduce the audience to a groundbreaking innovation from Deep Genomics, known as “BigRNA,” which goes beyond traditional missense variant effects. BigRNA has the potential to revolutionize the discovery and development of RNA therapeutics, opening new avenues for the treatment of diseases.

Elevate festival: A hub for innovation

The Elevate Festival is the largest homegrown tech and innovation festival in Canada, bringing together visionaries and industry leaders who are dedicated to shaping a brighter future. Featuring renowned speakers, networking opportunities, and programs aimed at nurturing startups, Elevate is a non-profit organization committed to addressing society’s most pressing challenges through innovation. Over the years, Elevate has hosted influential figures such as Michelle Obama, Martha Stewart, Venus Williams, Eric Schmidt, and Al Gore, inspiring countless individuals worldwide.

About deep genomics

Deep Genomics is a biopharmaceutical company with a mission to transform drug development by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to decipher the complexities of RNA biology. At the heart of their operations is the AI Workbench, a proprietary platform that enables the unravelling of RNA biology’s intricate web, uncovering novel targets, mechanisms, and molecules that elude conventional methods. The company utilizes this cutting-edge technology to develop steric-blocking oligonucleotides (SBOs) capable of increasing gene expression, offering potential treatments for genetic diseases.

Founded in 2015, Deep Genomics boasts a multidisciplinary team with expertise spanning traditional drug development, machine learning, laboratory automation, and software engineering. With offices in Toronto, Ontario, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Deep Genomics is at the forefront of AI-driven drug discovery.

A glimpse into the future

Deep Genomics’ presence at the 2023 Elevate Festival promises to be a significant moment in the world of AI-driven drug development. Dr. Brendan Frey’s insights into the transformative potential of AI in medicine, particularly in the realm of RNA therapeutics, offer a glimpse into a future where cutting-edge technology is harnessed to combat some of the most challenging diseases facing humanity. As the festival unfolds, the world will be watching to see how Deep Genomics and its innovative solutions shape the future of healthcare and drug discovery.

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