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Crypto Hot Shots are calling for blanket BSV delisting

bitcoin sv delisting demanded

Crypto celebrities across the globe are accusing Bitcoin SV a fraud and requesting the exchanges to remove BSV native token. Bitcoin activist Charlie Shrem in his tweet said to delist BSV from all exchanges, he called BSV a scam and Dr.Wright a scammer.

Moreover, he emphasized that these projects need to end. Morgan Creek Co-founder shows similar views and shows utter disappointment with BSV; he pledged people to show harmony with the bitcoin community in regard to delisting BSV.

Wright who claims to be the Satoshi Nakamoto; the bitcoin anonymous creator gave a warning to the cryptocurrency developer who wrote against Dr.Wright claims. Also, a legal notice has been sent by Wright to Hodolonaut to step back from their constant accusation, and he called Hodolonaut a rival of BSV.

A similar notice was sent to Cormack who challenged Wright to go to court with him and proving his claims, calling it a big fraud for promoting a fake kind of bitcoin.

But Ayre who is a confidant of Wright announced a reward of $5000 for the one who discloses the identity of Hodlonaut. This entire scenario depicts that things are getting really intense.

BSV price is depreciating; Bianance CEO Changpeng Zhao gave the warning to delist BSV from the exchanges.

If all the exchanges started delisting BSV, the token would break down. The negative image and anti- BSV sentiments impact the pricing of BSV. The BSV/USD instrument has dropped down to 18.25% this drop is massive and getting out of it is not easy.

Saad B. Murtaza

Saad B. Murtaza

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