Crypto exchange Kraken shuts down Monero over wallet bug

The cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has shut down Monero transactions on the exchange owing to a bug that was found in the bug that was found earlier this week. The exchange has restrained from commenting on the details of the bug or how the users were affected.
The exchange updated on its status page that it would resume transactions and fundings for Monero (XMR) after the team behind the cryptocurrency has released an update tackling the solution.
The official message reads,
The Monero Vulnerability Response workgroup has received word of a wallet bug related to coinbase transactions. We are waiting on a patch to be released from the Monero team and will provide an update once a solution has been implemented.
The exchange is currently investigating the matter and while they are at it all Monero (XMR) fundings would stay offline due to the “unexpected” maintenance related operations the exchange is forced to perform.
The exchange promises an update as soon as the currency would be live on the platform and open for funding and transactions through the platform.