Crypto-backed nonprofit sets up shop near D.C. ahead of 2024 election

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  • The Cedar Innovation Foundation, a crypto-backed nonprofit, has set up near Washington D.C., aiming to influence the 2024 elections and Congress.
  • Incorporated in Delaware, this 501(c)(4) organization is targeting specific lawmakers with advertisements and has hired a team of political strategists.
  • Amidst a challenging year for the industry, including high-profile legal cases, the foundation is part of a broader effort to reshape crypto policies.

The crypto world is making its presence felt in Washington, D.C., with the Cedar Innovation Foundation, a new nonprofit, strategically establishing itself near the nation’s capital. This move is part of a concerted effort by the crypto industry to wield influence in Congress, particularly with the 2024 elections on the horizon and various crypto-related bills weaving their way through the legislative process.

The Cedar Innovation Foundation, incorporated in Delaware as a 501(c)(4), is shrouded in mystery, maintaining its anonymity while actively engaging in political maneuvers. The foundation has launched targeted advertisements against key lawmakers, signaling a direct approach to influencing political outcomes. The organization has also enlisted a team of strategists to champion its causes, showcasing a calculated move to strengthen its position in the political landscape.

A Strategic Push in Political Arenas

In a landscape still reeling from the high-profile legal troubles of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried and Binance founder Changpeng Zhao, the crypto industry is doubling down on its political efforts. The Cedar Innovation Foundation’s strategic location near D.C. positions it at the epicenter of political action, ready to engage with key decision-makers and shape policy discourse.

Reports indicate that major players in the crypto industry are likely to fund this foundation, with Coinbase expected to make significant contributions. The foundation’s recent hiring of Mindset Advocacy, a lobbying firm with a history of working for giants like Goldman Sachs, Amazon Web Services, and Barclays, signals an aggressive push into political advocacy.

These moves come at a time when the crypto market is aiming for a strong comeback following a scandal-ridden year. With over $18 million spent on lobbying last year, the crypto industry is not holding back in its bid to influence Congress. However, the Cedar Innovation Foundation keeps its donor list and leadership under wraps, adding to the aura of intrigue surrounding its operations.

The Battle of Influence and Public Perception

The industry’s approach has not gone unnoticed, with critics like Dennis Kelleher, CEO of Better Markets, predicting a substantial ramp-up in crypto-funded campaigns. Kelleher’s comments point to an expected surge in ‘dark’ money flowing into the political arena, aimed at supporting crypto-friendly candidates and policies.

Despite these allegations, the foundation’s spokesman, Josh Vlasto, a veteran Democratic strategist, defends the organization’s goals. Vlasto’s statements highlight the ongoing tension between traditional financial powers and the emerging crypto sector, each vying for influence over America’s financial future.

The Cedar Innovation Foundation has already marked its entry into the political fray with a series of advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, focusing on key figures like Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown and other industry skeptics. This targeted approach underscores the foundation’s intent to sway public opinion and pressure lawmakers to align with its vision for crypto innovation.

The foundation’s efforts, however, are not without controversy. Critics label its campaign as a ‘political hit job,’ aimed at undermining elected officials who scrutinize the crypto industry. This aggressive stance has sparked a debate over the role of dark money in politics and the ethical implications of such tactics.

As the 2024 elections draw closer, the Cedar Innovation Foundation’s activities are set to intensify, positioning it as a significant player in the political arena. Its blend of strategic positioning, financial backing, and targeted campaigns marks a new chapter in the intersection of crypto and politics. The foundation’s impact on policy decisions and public perception of the crypto industry will be closely watched in the coming months, as it continues to shape the narrative around digital currencies and blockchain technology.

So, the Cedar Innovation Foundation’s establishment near D.C. ahead of the 2024 election is a clear indicator of the growing significance of crypto in the political landscape. Its strategic maneuvers, backed by significant funding and expertise, reflect the industry’s determination to assert its influence in the halls of power. As the world of crypto continues to evolve, its foray into politics is a development that warrants close observation and critical analysis.

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