Copenhagen Fashion Week partners with Drest to leap into the digital realm


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  • Copenhagen Fashion Week has teamed up with Drest to launch a mobile-style game.
  • Blending creativity in fashion with mobile gaming.

Copenhagen Fashion Week, the premier fashion event in Scandinavia is taking a stylish leap into the digital realm by collaborating with the luxury mobile style game, “Drest.” This innovative partnership aims to elevate the Copenhagen fashion week experience by engaging attendees in immersive daily in-game challenges. From Monday to Saturday, August 12, fashion enthusiasts can unleash their creativity and design streetwear outfits for avatars, while basking in the allure of the fashion world.

Copenhagen Fashion Week to test attendee’s creativity

“Drest” presents an exciting fusion of fashion and gaming, drawing inspiration from the captivating ambiance of runway shows and renowned street-style photographers like Phil Oh and Tommy Ton. The collaboration will shine a spotlight on distinguished Nordic brands such as Ganni, Remain, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Stine Goya. It seamlessly integrates brand narratives with custom digital backdrops featuring iconic Danish landmarks. Lucy Yeomans, the founder and CEO of “Drest,” emphasized the significance of this partnership. She lauded Copenhagen Fashion Week’s reputation for being vibrant, energetic, and playful.

Yeomans saw this collaboration as an exceptional opportunity to introduce their audience to purpose-driven brands. Importantly, she highlighted the emphasis on sustainability exhibited by the participating brands, a compelling factor that resonated with “Drest.” While the aesthetics of fashion are a central element, the underlying ethos of these brands, rooted in sustainability, played a pivotal role in the selection process. Yeomans underlined this as a key motivating factor that drew “Drest” towards this collaboration.

The fashion-centric challenges within the game prompt players to style model avatars, utilizing real-life luxury brands and events at the Copenhagen Fashion Week as sources of inspiration. Once participants at the Copenhagen Fashion Week complete a challenge, the community votes on the final look. The game offers digital wearables, which can be obtained through rewards, purchases, or complimentary offerings. The appeal of “Drest” extends to its luxury brand partners, who value the high level of creativity within the game. Through gaming, these brands can extend their reach to a broad and highly engaged audience.

Blending creativity in fashion with mobile gaming

The gaming platform collaborates with over 260 luxury brands, including renowned names like Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Off-White, Loewe, Valentino, Cartier, Burberry, and Fendi. A variety of digital assortments is supplied by both Farfetch and the brands directly, providing players with an authentic and immersive experience. Although “Drest” currently operates within the realm of Web2, its collaboration with luxury brands underscores the potential of both Web2 and Web3 gaming as valuable revenue streams for the retail sector. Lucy Yeomans hinted at “Drest’s” gradual transition towards Web3.

The company recently raised $19.1 million in funding, with a vision to evolve its product into a “metaverse-enabled” version. This version aims to incorporate the proven elements of the metaverse, introducing new social interactions and allowing players to create their avatars. The upcoming iteration of “Drest” will retain its essence while introducing exciting features derived from the metaverse concept. This includes enhanced social elements for player interactions, as well as multiple branded challenges. The goal is to enrich the user experience and provide a refreshed look and feel.

“Drest” is poised for growth through its developer ecosystem, marketing channels, and strategic revenue streams. Building on its remarkable 250% year-on-year user base growth, the platform plans to explore additional Web3 and lifestyle-focused games. Over the next 18 months, these games will enter the research and development phase, showcasing the platform’s commitment to continuous innovation. In a fascinating turn, “Drest” has paved the way for luxury brands to embrace Web3. A prime example of this was its collaboration with the Oetker Collection luxury hospitality group.

Last year, iconic hotels such as Eden Rock at Saint Barths, The Lanesborough London, and Le Bristol Paris served as picturesque backdrops for in-game fashion challenges and shoots. Notably, Le Bristol Paris extended its presence into Web3 with the launch of Le Bristol Unlocked, its debut NFT collection. As the fashion and gaming worlds intertwine, “Drest” continues to chart its path into the metaverse, weaving together style, sustainability, and immersive experiences in a dynamic fusion of creativity and technology, as will be witnessed at the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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